The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 368

Keith tried calling Michelle, yet she didn’t pick up at all.
The little devil had figured that Scott would question her grandfather after receiving
news from Evan, so she switched her phone off and rushed off somewhere else.
However, she underestimated Scott’s arrogance and pride, he didn’t question her
grandfather at all, he just straight up slapped him across the face.
Keith didn’t have Alex’s number either.
Scott scanned all of their frightened faces. He wanted to tear all of them down as he
watched them tremble in fear.
Scott was a martial arts prodigy, a gifted child with many skills in hand. He has the
potential to become a Grandmaster. How could someone like him be cheated on?
However, since this had already happened, he wanted to erase this flaw in his past by
having the Yowells pay with their blood.
“I want Michelle and her so-called man kneeling before me by 10 PM. tonight. Or else,
I’ll take all of you down.”
At this moment, Alex was heading towards Jack’s house.
He had no idea that Michelle’s
little prank would cause such a drastic butterfly effect, threatening her whole family.
Michelle, on the other hand, went looking for her friends in Devil Coven.
“Mr. Rockefeller, you’re here! Please, do come in!” Jack welcomed Alex into his house
warmly as soon as he opened the door.
Leanne was making some tea and a serving of fruits as well. She had just come home
from work, hence she didn’t have time to change out of her uniform.
She looked extremely s*xy and matured.
“Don’t sweat it, Mrs. Trent. Let’s just get started now!”
Alex smiled.
Leanne couldn’t bear waiting any longer as well.
After that, Alex asked Jack to get an airtight glass jar and place half an ice cube into it.
He then proceeded to let Leanne drink the medicine that he had made a while ago.
In just a few minutes, Leanne yelled. “I feel hot, oh my god, why is it so hot? Hubby, can
you switch on the air conditioner?”
Her whole body was burning up, her face was flushed red and even her breath came
out as steam. She was drenched in sweat. Her hair was stuck to her forehead and her
clothes were soaked.
Alex immediately said, “Don’t switch it on. Mrs. Trent, please endure it, this is normal.”
Priscilla’s Kyuhelios Pulse blood was strong. Moreover, Alex had brought out the blood’s
effect to its maximum efficiency. With this, the parasite would be forced to crawl out of
her body.
Parasites were absolutely terrified of such blood.
Alex continued. “Mrs. Trent, please lay down on your side on the sofa.”
Alex had to look at her belly button.
Leanne obeyed his orders. She was no longer shy since they had done this before.
Alex concentrated his Chi and formed a needle. He poked around Leanne’s belly button
five times.
In just mere seconds, Leanne’s belly button started sweating profusely, as if
rivers were forming on her stomach. Her stomach was starting to bulge as well, as if
something was wriggling under her skin.
Alex immediately took the jar with ice and placed it under the belly button. Three
minutes later, a disgusting worm-like creature wriggled out of her belly button and
dropped into the jar with ice. It was five centimeters long.
Alex sealed the jar tight as soon as it hopped in.
The couple were shocked. It was absolutely disgusting and terrifying.
“Mr. Rockefeller, is… Is there only one? Are there any more inside of her?” Jack asked
with a disgusted look on his face.
Alex smiled. “One is enough to torture someone greatly, how many more do you want?
Don’t worry, there’s just one worm, she’s cured. Mrs. Trent, you should take a shower!”
Leanne looked as if she had just gotten out of a pool. After thanking Alex, she rushed to
the bathroom.
“Mr. Trent, do you have any idea who cursed Mrs. Trent? If we don’t kill the root of the
problem, she might get cursed again. If she were to be pregnant and cursed at the
same time, it would be a bigger problem.”
Jack was frustrated and scared, he shook his head. “No, I’ve checked everyone who’s
close to her, none of them fit the description. My wife doesn’t interact with many men
too. It would most likely be someone working in her company.”
Alex took a look at the parasite. “Mr. Trent, I have a plan.”


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