The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 369

Jack asked, “What plan?”
Alex pointed at the parasite that was locked in the bottle. “We can use this.”
The parasitic disease was terrifying because it would listen to every order from its
owner. It’s the mother of said parasite that granted such power. This meant that the
person who cursed Leanne had a mother parasite in them as well to gain such powers.
Alex wanted to use this parasite to find its mother. With a brief explanation, Jack
understood what he meant.
He nodded. “Alright, Mr. Rockefeller, I’ll organize an event to gather all of Leanne’s
employees. Sorry to trouble you once again, Mr. Rockefeller.”
Jack then took out a cheque that he had prepared beforehand.
It was worth twenty million. He handed it to Alex and said, “Mr. Rockefeller, this is just a
token of appreciation. Please accept it.”
Alex shook his head and pushed his hands away. “Mr. Trent, you’ve helped my wife last
time, so this is my way of returning the favor. We can help each other out more often in
the future. Moreover, you seem to be quite weak lately, you’re not doing well in that
area, right?”
Jack’s face went pale.
Alex smiled. “It wouldn’t be a problem anymore, I’ll give you a prescription later. You
have to take the medicine once per day.
After five days, you’d be just as strong as any
young man and get a child or two.”
Jack was overjoyed upon hearing this.
Suddenly, Alex received a call. It was from Michelle. When he picked it up, he heard an
unfamiliar male voice instead of Michelle’s. “So you’re Alex Rockefeller?”
His tone of voice was murderously cold and annoyed. Alex’s heart jumped. Maintaining
a calm expression, he asked, “Who are you?”
The one speaking was Scott Pattingson.
By then, Michelle had already arrived home, only to be captured and beaten up by
Many of her family members were looking at her coldly, as if they were looking at an
enemy. Even Keith shook his head helplessly.
“I am someone you can’t afford to piss off!” Scott replied coldly.
“What’s wrong with you?” Alex asked, “Where’s Michelle? Give her the phone.”
Alex could hear a loud slap and Michelle’s cries coming from the other end of the line. It
was obvious that Michelle was getting beaten up.
Scott said coldly. “Did you hear that? If you didn’t, I’ll do it again!”
Following that was several loud slaps, it sounded like firecrackers.
“That’s enough!”
“Are you heartbroken? I’ll give you half an hour to come to the Yowell manor. I’ll chop
one of her fingers off for every minute you’re late. If you don’t come within forty minutes,
I’ll strip her naked and throw her into a public male bath.”
“Don’t come, Alex! Don’t!” Michelle yelled. “He’ll kill you!”
Scott kicked Michelle. She screamed in pain and vomited another pool of blood.
Next to her were the other Yowells.
Each and every one of them had also been beaten up by Scott and covered in multiple
injuries. Colin was hurt the most. He couldn’t bear watching his sister being beaten up,
so he had tried to help.
However, his core ended up getting damaged further. All of his training had gone to
waste. Keith, on the other hand, was halfway to his grave as well.
This was the power and pride of the Pattingsons of North Tokyo.
“It’s been a minute. Do you not dare confront me?”
Scott said coldly as he glared at Michelle furiously.
Alex closed his eyes gently. When he opened them again, they glowed with a
murderous intent.
“I’ll be there in a bit.” he said calmly and hung up.
On the other end, Michelle cried. “Scott Pattingson, you’re a lunatic! I’ve explained
already, I didn’t do anything with Alex! I was just trying to piss Evan off! Why are you so
hung up about it?”
“Oh, really now?” Scott refused to budge. “Even if it was just a prank, you have
humiliated me thoroughly. You don’t deserve to be with me. Both you and that Alex guy
will die for your sins.”
“You’re crazy! You’re a maniac!”
“If you say one more word, I’ll cut your tongue off.”


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