The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 37

“Mom!” Alex came to the hospital and visited his mom again. She was awake at the time. His anger towards the Ass*xes dissolved as soon as he saw her.
Examining Brittany with his knowledge of the Ultimate Book of Medicine, he noticed that she was doing a lot better than the day before. Relieved, Alex smiled widely and said, “I bought this porridge from a stall nearby. The doctor said that you could only eat soft foods as of now. I’ll feed you, alright?”
Brittany stared at him lovingly, “Alex, I heard that you came to take care of me every day, you’re even more professional than the nurses now. I’m sorry that I’ve been such a burden on you.”
Alex could feel his chest tightening. His mother was the absolute sweetest. His mother-in-law, Claire, however, only treated him as a slave.
He fed the porridge slowly to Brittany, then gave all four of her limbs a massage.
Brittany had been in a coma for more than six months, so her muscles had been slowly wasting away.
However, Alex’s massaging method was special: it had the help of the flow of Chi from the force as well.
He knew that his mother would be able to heal and walk normally in just three days’ time.
“Hello, Dr. Coney!” Brittany suddenly exclaimed.
Alex turned around and realized that Cheryl had really come to the ward.
She looked puzzled and asked, “Your massage technique has quite a unique style. Did you get that online as well?”
“Uhm… Yeah.”
“Continue on then.”
From Cheryl’s point of view, Alex was just wasting his time and energy. He wasn’t putting the right amount of strength into massaging, nor was he massaging the right pressure points. She thought that he was just clueless.
However, what she didn’t know was that Alex had used his Chi to unclog Brittany’s veins and arteries. Due to the use of Chi, he shouldn’t massage her limbs too roughly, or he would damage her veins.
Cheryl shook her head and thought to herself, ‘Grandpa wanted to see him to ask about that Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell thing. I guess he’ll just end up disappointed; he doesn’t know anything about the medical field at all.”
After massaging, Brittany thanked her son. “Alex, I feel so much better after that massage, I think I’ll be able to walk soon.”
Alex nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry, you’ll even be able to run in three days’ time.”
Cheryl had almost laughed out loud, yet she decided to hold back and not expose him.
At the hospital entrance, Cheryl took out her keys and pressed a button. The headlights of a red BMW X5 lit up.
“Get in.”
“Where are we going?” Alex got into the car and asked curiously. He hadn’t figured out why James wanted to see him.
Alex knew that Ganoderma was the clinic that James had opened in California. Apart from James, a group of old doctors was working there as well. A lot of the sick would go to this clinic instead of hospitals. They even attracted customers from other cities due to their popularity.
The two arrived at Ganoderma in just a few moments. Alex followed Cheryl from the back and couldn’t help but stare.
Cheryl was fairly tall, around 170 cm. She had curves in all the right places, especially her behind. Her body was very alluring as his eyes fixated on her.
Suddenly, Cheryl stopped in her tracks and turned around. “What do you think?”
Alex wasn’t paying attention to anything she had said. He had been staring at her back the whole time. Without putting much thought into it, he blurted out, “Very fertile.”
Cheryl froze and she realized that the guy was still staring at her back.
She knew that she was quite ‘gifted’ in some areas of her body. Her grandmother mentioned just as much too. However, receiving such a comment from a guy was something that she couldn’t tolerate at all.
“You… shameless!”
She then took a few steps forward and turned around once more, “You walk in the front.”
Alex wanted to smack himself there and then. He knew that it was wrong for him to say that she was ‘very fertile’.
‘Why couldn’t you have said something else? What does it have to do with you that she’s fertile or not?’ He thought to himself.
With Cheryl’s guidance, they soon reached a clinic.
Suddenly, Alex noticed that Claire was waiting outside as well.


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