The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 370

“Mr. Rockefeller, did something happen? Do you need help?” Jack had no idea what
was happening. However, judging from Alex’s eyes, he knew that something major
must’ve happened.
“It’s fine. I’ll be off now!” Alex left immediately.
The traffic of California was fairly bad at this hour. There was no way he could reach the
Yowell manor from Jack’s place within half an hour.
If he were to be late, Scott would
definitely do horrible things to Michelle. So, he decided not to drive. He directed his Chi
towards his feet and ran with all his might instead.
He started lamenting about the limited powers his ancestor had given him. His ancestor
had promised to help him train in the medicinal and martial arts.
Sure, he had mastered
his medical skills, but not his martial arts at all. All he got was a turtle shell but it’s not
like he’s a ninja turtle. He couldn’t just use his armor all the time, it just didn’t suit his
image as a hero. No matter how lacking he is, he felt like he should at least be able to
master the Feather Walk!
However, he could feel something different after two minutes of running. He was
running faster and faster than before. The Chi was generating electricity.
His feet were emitting lightning.
“What the f*ck, I won’t become the Flash, right?” He joked in his head. He was running
past everything with great speed.
A young woman’s long skirt was blown up by a gust, flipping over her head.
Another beautiful lady in a dress in thin straps shrieked. She was on a date with her
boyfriend, yet a gust of wind blew her dress off. She covered her body with her arms.
Alex’s phone started chiming.
It distracted him and he didn’t notice a car had illegally parked in front of him. He ended
up smashing his head right into it.
With a loud thud, the car door was damaged.
It was a call from Anna.
“Hey, are you free now?” Anna asked. Her mission had just ended and she had heard
about the incident during Zendaya’s concert. Hence, she called him immediately to
invite him to supper.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m on my way to murder someone.”
“What? Where?”
“To the Yowells!” With this, he hung up the call and continued on his way.
Anna, on the other hand, was terrified. She knew something was wrong, hence she
immediately headed over to the Yowell manor.
Fifteen minutes later, Alex barged into the Yowell manor.
He spotted Scott, Evan, Michelle and the other Yowells at the training grounds. Seeing
Michelle in such a terrible state, Alex’s gaze turned colder.
Sitting on a stool, Scott stared at Alex mockingly and huffed. “So you’re Alex? You came
pretty quickly, you must care a lot about Michelle, huh? I’m quite curious as to what
Michelle saw in you! I’ll take away everything that she liked about you!”
Alex ignored him and walked towards Michelle, picking her up.
Three of her ribs were fractured, her face was swollen like a pig’s head, her nose bridge
was broken, and the worst part was that her core had been completely damaged. All her
training was all for naught.
Tears streamed down Michelle’s face. “Alex, you shouldn’t have come.
He… he is in the Intermediate-Mystic rank He’s gone mad, I tried explaining but he wouldn’t listen. I’m
sorry, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved in this.”
Alex comforted her. “It’s fine, don’t worry.”
Scott blew a gentle whistle. “How loving. Michelle, is this what you call ‘just friends’? It’s
fine, you don’t have to answer.
Since everyone is here, let’s get this over with! Alex,
right? Come on, tell me who your family is. I’ll have all of you reunite in hell.”
Alex was now thirsty for blood. Everyone had a trigger. His was family!
He gave Michelle a flow of Chi and placed her down on the ground. His expression was
calm as he said, “Are you done making a will? If you are, I’ll be sending you off.”


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