The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 371

A will?
Leave this world?
Scott Pattingson nearly laughed out loud, but the cruel look in his eyes became even
more piercing.
He didn’t take the offensive right away because he wanted to toy with his enemy, like a
cat with a mouse. That was the only way the rage in his heart could be appeased. Being
cheated on wasn’t something that could be forgiven easily. He wanted a slow and
painful revenge.
“I have never met someone who has a bigger death wish than you do!” said Scott as he
laughed coldly.
The Yowell family members were speechless. They didn’t know what to say anymore.
However, when they looked at Alex Rockefeller, their eyes were filled with hatred. They
now blamed Alex for everything the Yowell family was going through.
Although they
were aware that Alex was pretty good in martial arts, Scott was at Intermediate-Mystic
There were very few in the world who could ever make it to Mystic rank, let alone those
who could achieve it at such a young age.
A genius like Scott was a rare find, and his
entire family had spent nearly all their resources to develop a strong person like him as
the family’s foundation. Meanwhile, Alex didn’t even know what cultivation was before
the age of twenty. Plus, he had been focusing more on the medicinal than the martial
arts. If he could really beat Scott, hell would probably freeze over.
Evan Laws immediately stepped forward.
“Alex, do you think you can act arrogant in front of my boss just because you were able
to slap me?”
“Do you have any idea what Mystic rank means? It means he can kill you with a single
“Have you gone mad? Hurry up and kneel before Mr. Pattingson.
Beg him to forgive you
and let your family live. You created this mess, so you shouldn’t get your family
involved,” Evan said chirpily.
He seemed to be in high spirits. It was as if he could finally vent out the anger from
being hit before.
In fact, he even stood firmly behind Scott and decided to follow wherever Scott went for
the rest of his life. What a traitor!
“Take this!”
Alex stepped forward and slapped Evan across the face. Right away, Evan suffered a
fracture in his cheek bone, and his nose-bridge cracked. On top of that, he was sent
flying as if he had been knocked by a car.
“How dare you still attack him? Looks like there’s no turning back for you. I’ll send you
on your way to hell!”
Scott shook his head and gave Alex the side-eye. He then stomped his foot on the
ground, causing the ground to vibrate due to his Intermediate-Mystic rank cultivation
Keith Yowell’s facial expression immediately changed. He felt deeply remorseful. He
wished he had stopped Michelle Yowell from seeking Alex out in the past.
Perhaps, if he
didn’t have the objective to befriend both sides, things wouldn’t have turned out this
Compared to Scott, Alex was just a small fry even if he had amazing medical skills.
“The Yowell family had all the right cards in our hands, but I’ve ruined everything!”
“Stop!” While Keith was basking in his own regret, someone suddenly shouted with a
clear and crisp voice. Someone came running in, it was Anna Coleman from Divine
She made it just in time.
“I can’t believe it’s you, Scott Pattingson! ”
Anna was shocked when she saw Scott standing there. At first, she thought that Alex
and the Yowell family were having a conflict, and that Alex wanted to kill the Yowell
family. But it turned out it was actually Scott that he wanted to kill. “What is going on?
Can someone fill me in?”
“Grandpa Yowell, are you alright?”
“Michelle… Were your martial art abilities destroyed? Who did it?”
“I did. Anna Coleman, there’s no reason for you to be involved here. Get out of the way,”
Scott said bluntly after retrieving his energy.
“What? Is it really you? Are you mad? Michelle is your fiancée,” Anna said.
“How could a b*tch like her deserve to be my fiancée?”
One of the Yowell family’s disciples quickly explained what happened.
Anna became very angry after hearing the explanation.
“Scott, have you really gone mad? Michelle only said those things out of spite. How
could you think it’s true and even beat the Yowell family’s people up like this?”
“Did she say those things out of spite? Even if she didn’t secretly get pregnant, she’s
already done the deed with another man. I, Scott Pattingson, will not be put to shame!
Whoever humiliates me will have to die!” Scott yelled.
His face turned cold as he pointed at Alex. “I want him dead. Anna Coleman, you won’t
be able to stop me,” Scott added.
Anna immediately put herself between the two. “He’s one of our people from Divine
Constabulary. You can’t hurt him,” Anna said.


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