The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 372

“So what if he’s from Divine Constabulary?” Scott Pattingson asked.
“Do you want to become an enemy of Divine Constabulary?”
“Anna Coleman, don’t think too highly of yourself. You can’t represent Divine
Anna instantly frowned. Indeed, she didn’t have enough power for that.
Most importantly, Divine Constabulary had a deep-rooted relationship with the ancient
martial arts families. The Pattingson family also knew people in Divine Constabulary. In
fact, their own men were in there. If Scott refused to cooperate with Divine
Constabulary, there was nothing Anna could do about it.
Anna was also still doubtful of Alex Rockefeller’s capability. Previously, she had thought
he was at Peak-Mystic rank.
Later, she realized that he only had a lot of strength. He
might not be able to fight against Scott who had a very advanced level of cultivation
compared to him.
Right then, another voice came. “Can I represent Divine Constabulary?”
“Captain!” Anna yelled in a pleasantly surprised tone.
The person who had arrived was Sky Melvis.
When Anna rushed over, she had given Sky a call. She was afraid she couldn’t stop
Alex because she was not as strong as him. However, she didn’t think the person who
needed to be stopped was Scott.
Now that Sky was here, Scott might be a little more wary.
“Sky Melvis!” Scott exclaimed.
He immediately frowned when he saw that Sky was here.
Sky was also at Mystic rank. In fact, he had achieved Mystic rank far longer than Scott.
If they really did fight, Scott might lose to him. More importantly, Sky had other helpers.
Aside from that, Sky was also one of the Twelve Battle Kings of Divine Constabulary.
Not only did Sky have a higher status, he also had a stronger network of support. It was
very annoying.
“Even you are protecting a little piece of trash like him?” Scott asked.
“That’s right. I’ll protect him with my life,” Sky nodded and said.
Protecting Alex with his life meant something different entirely. That meant Sky was
willing to fight the Pattingson family while risking his life for Alex.
Was Alex really this powerful?
Even Anna’s eyes widened with disbelief as she looked at Sky.
“Fine!” After Scott and Sky stared at each other for a few seconds, Scott finally nodded.
“For Captain Melvis’ sake, I’ll forgive him this time!” Scott added before glaring coldly at
‘Since I can’t deal with you openly, I’ll do it in secret. What could Divine Constabulary do
without evidence?’
“Evan, let’s go!” Scott shouted after making up his mind. He asked Evan Laws to leave
with him.
Right then, Alex spoke up calmly. “Did I say you could leave?”
Suddenly, everyone looked at Alex in shock. It was as if they were looking at a fool.
With his cheek bone fractured and his face swollen like a pig, Evan still yelled unclearly.
“Hey, kid. Didn’t my boss let you off the hook? Must you get yourself killed?”
“You can leave, but you must take a punch from me first, ” Alex said.
Scott turned around with an amused look on his face. Instead of looking at Alex, he
looked at Sky.
“Captain Melvin, you heard him. It’s not me who’s disrespecting you. He
asked for it.
“Alright. I promise to take a punch from you. After one punch, you’ll deal with the
consequences, dead or alive,” Scott added before Sky could nod.
Alex nodded without a pause.
Although Anna and Sky wanted to convince Alex otherwise, Alex cut them off. “I have
already made up my mind,” Alex said.
Everyone watched as the two of them engaged in battle.
“Fine. I’ll be the judge!” Sky said loudly before taking his phone out to record the fight.
“According to martial arts rules, this will be a battle for life or death. The winner will bear
no responsibility, and if anyone dies, there is no grudge to be held. Begin!”
Sky shouted.
Then… Boom!
Alex and Scott threw a punch at the same time, and the collision of their fists caused a
lightning like burst. The entire crowd went silent.


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