The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 373

Scott Pattingson was the top dog among the younger generation in the Pattingson
family. He had the highest levels of natural talent and comprehension. Hence, the
Pattingson family did their best to help him grow. Indeed, he was born a genius. At
twenty-five years old, he had already achieved Intermediate-Mystic rank and reached
the sixth stage with the family-inherited Golden Crushing Punch.
With a single punch,
he could even crush steel plates.
Right then, Scott used 100% of his inner force.
He wanted to kill Alex Rockefeller with a single punch so that those from the Yowell
family and Divine Constabulary could see clearly that he was not one to be humiliated.
After letting out a wild roar, the inner force concentrated around his fist started to
Everyone’s hearts stopped briefly, frightened by the might of his punch. Even Anna
Coleman had a fearful look in her eyes. She could imagine how terribly injured she
would be if she was punched. That was if she even survived in the first place.
On the other hand, Alex’s punch was the Coleman family’s Dragon-Tusk Punch.
But it didn’t look quite like it either.
It was gentle and light, without any sound or gust of wind.
“Go to hell!” Scott shouted mercilessly.
Michelle Yowell screamed in fear. She turned around and didn’t dare to watch what
happened next.
Their fists collided against each other.
Then, the sound of bones cracking could be painfully heard, and one of them was sent
flying. Instead of Alex, it was Scott who was sent flying.
Scott’s eyes were wide open in shock. He couldn’t believe that his fully charged Golden
Crushing Punch couldn’t even make Alex move an inch when it hit him. It was as if Scott
was hitting a hundred tons of steel.
Meanwhile, every inch of Scott’s bones was crushed instantly due to the reversed
impact. It hurt him to the core of his heart.
Even more unbelievable was the fact that a stream of energy emitted from Alex’s fist. It
thoroughly destroyed Scott’s nerves, veins and inner organs.
Now, Scott couldn’t feel anything in his body. He felt as if he had been struck by
This wasn’t the kind of electrifying jolt one felt when attracted to the opposite gender.
Instead, it was the kind that went up to several tens of millions of high-voltage electricity.
It only took Scott one second to realize he was done for. His life had been taken away in
an instant. Before he died, a realization occurred to him. Not only was Alex a martial
arts expert, but he was also the true master of cultivation.
Although Scott felt endlessly remorseful, it was too late.
Scott fell to the ground and was no longer breathing.
Everyone in the Yowell family looked as if they had just seen a ghost
Evan Laws covered his mouth. “How is this possible? How could this be?” he cried out
Anna blinked her pretty eyes several times-she was thoroughly shocked.
Michelle even cried out loudly.
Sky Melvis was still recording a video of the battle. He walked over to look at Scott
before shaking his head and sighing. “Scott Pattingson lost to a single punch and died
on the spot. No grudges will be held in this fight!”
Sky had said ‘no grudges will be held’ twice.
This was the underlying rule of the martial arts world. In a battle that determined life or
death, regardless of victory or defeat, friendly forces of either side were not allowed to
exact revenge. Otherwise, they would be considered as the failures of the martial arts
society and be ostracized.
Even Divine Constabulary agreed with this rule.
Sky turned off the camera and pulled Alex aside before speaking in a soft voice. “Scott
Pattingson is the strongest person in the younger generation of the Pattingson family.
He’s also a leading member of the Pattingson family. Although he died in your hands in
a fair fight, you must be careful when they secretly try to avenge him. I will use this
footage to appropriately warn them against doing so,” Sky said.
“Thank you.” Alex nodded.
“We’re family, after all,” Sky chuckled and said.
“Are you really the Immortal Doctor?” Sky asked after a pause.
Alex was stunned. He started thinking to himself. Wallace Yoke really did not hold back
from advertising Alex.
Since Wallace couldn’t dominate America entirely, he used this
poor strategy to slowly reveal Alex’s identity.
As one of the Twelve Battle Kings of Divine Constabulary, and one of their twelve
sub-group’s leaders, Sky was willing to stand up and protect Alex with his life by going
against the Pattingson family.
Naturally, Sky had his reasons, Alex’s greatest value was
that he was the Immortal Doctor.
Although Alex had already taken a guess at Sky’s thoughts, he didn’t think much of it.


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