The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 374

This was very normal. People would only help others if they were valuable. Otherwise,
the helper would be considered a fool.
“I’m taking Michelle with me. I’ll help her recover to her formal state,” Alex Rockefeller
said. He then picked Michelle Yowell up before turning around and leaving. Earlier, Alex
saw how the Yowell family looked at him begrudgingly. This included Keith Yowell, who
seemed to be regretting it already.”
The incident today only happened because Michelle asked him to help her out.
Alex didn’t do anything wrong to the Yowell family. In fact, he was the victim.
Thanks to this ordeal, he was able to see some things clearly on the fundamental level.
After Alex left, Sky Melvis also quickly made his exit. He also took Scott Pattingson’s
corpse away with him.
Anna Coleman stayed to call the ambulance and deal with the aftermath.
Keith Yowell’s eyes seemed dull, and there was a blank expression on his face. “Anna,
do you think I’m really getting old? Am I so old that I make such poor judgement?” he
asked Anna.
Anna shook her head. “Grandpa Yowell, things have already happened. There’s no
need to overthink.”
Keith sighed.
“Can Michelle’s damaged energy core really be fixed?” he asked.
“Other people might not be able to, but Alex can!” Anna said.
Keith felt even more remorseful after hearing that. He couldn’t afford to be a middleman!
Alex returned to Maple Villa.
He didn’t think that Waltz Fleur would be here too. Waltz was wearing a very s*xy black
pajama outfit while she watched the television on the couch in the living room.
Waltz noticed Alex carrying a pretty girl in his arms when he came back. Her face
immediately turned dark and she jumped out of her seat. “Alex, did you drug this girl?”
“I didn’t drug her. She’s perfectly sober,” Alex said.
“Hey, isn’t this the little devil from the Yowell family? What’s going on? D*mn, why is she
so badly injured? Who did it?” Waltz asked.
Back at the Rockefeller family’s funeral hall, Michelle was the one who had stepped
forward to offer help. Naturally, Waltz recognized her.
“Get me some warm water. I’m going to adjust her bones back into place first,” Alex
After that, Alex became very occupied for a while.
A few days ago, he used Zharvakko to help James Coney connect his bones on the
spot. His broken leg recovered in half an hour. However, it took far too much effort. This
time, Alex was going to carry out the treatment over several stages. It felt much better
doing so.
Two hours later, the treatment was complete. Alex moved Michelle onto a bed in the
“Alex, what exactly happened?” Waltz asked curiously.
Alex told her what happened without hiding any information.
Waltz immediately let out a shocked cry. “Oh my god! Did you kill Scott Pattingson? The
Pattingson family from North Tokyo won’t be easy to deal with. I’m afraid you’ve barked
up the wrong tree. Things will get troublesome later.”
“Are you very familiar with the Pattingson family? How do they compare to your
Thousand Miles Conglomerate?” Alex asked.
“It’s a difficult comparison. The Pattingson family has a martial arts background, and
they prioritize martial arts cultivation. Meanwhile, Thousand Miles Conglomerate
focuses on business. Martial arts only play a supporting role. People are right in saying
that we operate in a grey area!
If the Pattingson family wanted to mess with you, they
would normally not use the business route. They would usually initiate a battle and bet
on it!” Waltz explained.
Alex remained silent.
“However, if they are the backstabbing kind, and they hate you enough, they might
privately hire someone to mess with you. That’s likely too.”
“I can help you with this, but my capabilities aren’t strong enough!”
“Alex, is there any way to rapidly enhance my capability? For example, we can double
the number of lessons, or we can train together. What do you think?” Waltz asked.
Alex gave her a gentle knock on her forehead.
However, he soon came up with an idea. “If I increase Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s
battle power by ten times, are you able to make California’s underworld a solid and
profitable business?”
“Did you say ten times? Did I hear you mistakenly?” Waltz was shocked.
“Give me some time. I can help you become an Innate Grandmaster. I need a fail proof
backup team! I must make sure nothing happens to my mother, my wife, you and
Waltz let out a loud cry before jumping onto Alex. “Alex, I want to have your children.”
Alex tossed her onto the couch. “You should have children with an ape.”
Right then, Alex suddenly thought of a woman, Priscilla Paytas.


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