The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 375

Priscilla Paytas was the lady with the strongest innate bloodline Alex Rockefeller had
ever met. In fact, Priscilla was even stronger than the girl who wore a sailor’s uniform,
Holly Yates.
If Alex could make her his disciple and train her, she would definitely become a strong
member on his team. Unfortunately, these were peaceful times, and Priscilla was a
university student.
It was a little difficult and disrespectful to make her his disciple and
make her do his bidding. Alex could only indirectly guide her through Michelle Yowell.
He would leave everything to fate!
“Michelle’s energy core was destroyed, and she lost all her martial arts abilities. Can
that even be fixed?” Waltz asked.
Alex nodded. “It can. I’ll just have to use a type of pill called Energy Recovery Pill. It will
be able to heal her energy core and help her focus her inner force once again. The
original cultivation method taught by her family had left her with some side effects. Now
that her energy core is destroyed, those side effects are gone. Her condition will be
even better after she recovers,” Alex explained.
After that, Alex let Waltz rest while he stood alone in a wrecked courtyard. He looked up
at the sky.
There were stars all over the sky while the moon shone brightly. However, Alex had a
feeling that things wouldn’t be calm for long.
The Rockefeller family, Japanese ninjas, the Pattingson family, and the hidden enemy
his mother was deeply wary and wouldn’t even dare speak of were all messing up his
life completely.
Ever since these people appeared, life had never been calm.
The only way to safeguard himself and protect his family in such a dangerous
environment was to become stronger, to make his enemies tremble in fear, to stun the
people of the world with his might.
Not only did he need his own capabilities, but he also needed strong forces around him.
On the second floor, Waltz stood still in front of the French window as she quietly looked
down at Alex.
The next day, Alex didn’t go anywhere else. He stayed at home to focus on modifying
Waltz’s martial arts technique.
Alex took a total of five hours to modify the Cuore Force she was currently practicing so
that it greatly boosted her cultivation speed significantly.
He also added new cultivation
content to her technique.
Alex named the new technique Moon of the Nine Revolutions. With every revolution of
the moon cycle, her powers would increase.
Alex also modified the content of Michelle’s new version of Slunce Jauda.
It didn’t sound like a huge feat, but Alex was a god-like existence.
Other great masters
would take a huge amount of time to create an entire set of techniques. How was Alex
able to create one in just a few hours?
To be honest, it wasn’t surprising at all. It was a proof of his own success in cultivating
the Force. Alex was able to pick and choose certain parts of his technique to blend it
with their original Cuore Force techniques.
It was like asking a professor who studied
further mathematics, calculus, and limits to come up with a primary school mathematics
quiz. Wasn’t it a piece of cake?
At night, Waltz returned home after work. She was surprised to find Alex cooking in the
kitchen. When she smelled the food, her mouth immediately started to water and she
began to feel hungry.
“Alex, you’re cooking!” Waltz exclaimed.
Wearing a dress, Waltz sneaked into the kitchen and reached for the food on the plate.
Alex pushed her hand away.
“Have you washed your hands?” Alex asked.
“Wash them for me,” Waltz said.
“Use the utensils!”
Waltz still washed her hands before using the fork and spoon to taste the food. In the
next moment, she immediately smiled. The food tasted extremely good. “It tastes
delicious! I can’t believe you have such great culinary skills. You’re good enough to be a
professional chef. You must have received proper training for this, haven’t you?”
Alex chuckled. “I learned how to cook when I was with the Ass*x family. My
mother-in-law is a very picky eater. If I don’t make food good enough for her, she’d yell
at me.”
In reality, Alex knew very well that Claire Ass*x just didn’t like him and intentionally
picked on him.
Waltz was astonished.


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