The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 376

Suddenly, Waltz Fleur put her utensils down and hugged Alex Rockefeller from behind.
“Alex, get a divorce! You and Dorothy are from two completely different worlds. Plus,
your mother-in-law is a weirdo! You can have me as your second wife and Maya as your
first wife. If it really comes to it, you can have Michelle as your third wife. You’ll be
occupied enough.”
Alex laughed bitterly.
“I’ve completed the modification for your Cuore Force. It’s in your room. I named it Moon
of the Nine Revolutions. You…” Before Alex could finish his sentence, Waltz had
already let him go and ran off.
“Sh*t. What kind of wife is this? She’s an annoying girl!” Alex murmured before he
continued cooking.
Very soon, Waltz ran out from her room and asked Alex all sorts of questions about
Feeling annoyed, Alex pressed his palm against her back and started activating her
cultivation pathway. The pathway began to form in the veins in her body.
“From now on, train like this. I can’t help you with the martial art technique. You’ll have
to figure it out on your own. Also…” Alex said before taking a sheet of paper out from
his pocket that had a list of herbs written on it, items needed to create pills for Waltz.
“Here’s a list of all the herbs needed.
If you can get them, try to do so. I’ll make pills for
you to increase your capability. Feel free to discuss this matter with your godfather.
Basically, you guys supply the ingredients, I’ll make the pills. Together, we’ll make
Thousand Miles Conglomerate dominate California’s underworld on its own.”
Waltz nodded. “Okay. I’ll talk to my godfather about this.”
Another day passed in the blink of an eye. Early in the morning, Alex received a call
from his mother, Brittany Rockefeller. She sounded so excited and loud that Alex
thought he might turn deaf.
“Son, you’re awesome! ” She exclaimed.
“The Bounty Acne Cream recipe you modified for me yielded unusually good results. It’s
three times more effective than the product we developed.
Do you know what this
means? This means it’s a product that can beat any brand of acne cream in the world.
Also, is the other recipe you left behind a whitening recipe? It’s effectiveness is equally
as shocking,” Brittany said.
Alex smiled slightly after listening to what she said.
There were countless other recipes like those in his mind.
Those two were simply the
two most common types. The more effective recipes would, however, require extremely
precious spiritual herbs, and they were actually a part of medicinal alchemy.
Thus, a lot of those products couldn’t be mass-produced. Otherwise, the results would
be even more effective.
“Mother, the main effect of that recipe isn’t whitening. It has anti-aging and anti-wrinkling
But whitening is a by-product,” Alex explained.
“What?” Brittany was shocked.
“It even has anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties. No way! I’m going to carry out
targeted experiments to produce accurate experimental data,” she added.
“Remember to keep the recipe a secret. ” Alex chuckled.
“I’m not dumb. Of course, I know what to do. Be careful in California. I heard there was
an assasination attempt on Zendaya during a concert.
It’s ridiculous. How could
something like that happen?”
Alex rubbed his nose.
He wondered how his mother would react if she knew he was there when that incident
Right after his call with Brittany ended, he received a call from Cheryl Coney.
“Alex, do you still remember the brain specialist from California Main Hospital, Andrew?”
She asked.
Alex laughed. “That big nosed foreigner who says things that I can’t take seriously? Of
course, I remember him.”
“He came to see me and said that he wants to receive treatment from you!”
“Oh? Well then, has he published the promised apology in the Swiss Medical Journal?”
“Why don’t you come and have a look? Although he hasn’t published it, he has invited a
reporter from that publishing company.
The reporter says that the apology will only be
published after your traditional medicine has been proven effective.”
Alex raised his brows. “Okay. I’ll come over right away.”
When Alex arrived at California Main Hospital, Alex saw Beatrice Ass*x talking to a few
of her classmates. As he passed them by, he listened to their conversation. In the end,
he found out they were actually here to look for Mask.
It seemed like both of Zendaya’s
female bodyguards were hospitalized here.
“Beatrice, hurry up. Let’s find out if Mask, the man of your dreams is here. If we do get
to see him, you’ll finally be able to drink and eat in peace, and be put out of your misery
from missing him so much.”
Alex was dumbfounded when he heard this.


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