The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 377

“Is there something wrong with this woman’s brain? She actually has feelings for Mask!
Good gosh!”
Alex Rockefeller felt as if he had been struck by lightning. Barring aside the fact that
Beatrice Ass*x was Dorothy Ass*x’s younger sister, she was also his own sister-in-law.
Over the past ten months, this woman had always been dissing him with her peculiar
She either called him out for being useless or a piece of trash.
Beatrice would probably have a meltdown if she found out that her crush, Mask, was
actually Alex.
Alex shook his head. He decided to ignore her and continued walking further inside.
However, Beatrice actually noticed him.
She immediately ran over and grabbed him by his shirt. “Why are you here? What are
you doing here?” she asked.
Alex looked at how strange she seemed. “I don’t think me being here has anything to do
with you, does it?”
Alex calmly pushed her away.
“You b*stard. You might not realize it, but I know you must be here to see that female
doctor! How could you be so shameless? My sister just changed her mind about you,
and you’re already meeting other women behind her back.
Can’t you behave more like
a normal guy? You could get a job, or even make deliveries!” Beatrice said angrily.
Alex chuckled coldly. “Make deliveries? Do you think I need such small amounts of
money? Did you even see me meeting another woman?”
Beatrice suddenly recalled that Alex just received twenty million dollars from Felix
Shepherd. Now that Alex had the money, he naturally looked down on the money he
would earn from making deliveries.
But this jerk was spending his money recklessly. He was seeing other women and he
didn’t even give her mother a single cent.
“Also, please, wake up. It’s one thing to go after celebrities, but it’s another thing if you
do it mindlessly. How could you fall in love with Mask? You barely know anything about
him. Does he even know you? Does he know who you are? If you have so much
energy, why don’t you pick up embroidery or culinary arts at home?
You might end up
getting married to a good person in the future,” Alex suddenly said.
Beatrice’s face turned red after hearing what Alex said.
This was her secret. She only told a few good friends about it when the incident
happened. She didn’t even tell her mother or her sister. How did Alex find out?
In the next second, Beatrice went from being embarrassed to angry.
“What does it have
to do with you? Why do you care?”
“I can’t be bothered to care about you. Go after Mask all you want!” Alex said before
Beatrice was so angry that she stomped her foot on the ground.
Her friend, Mona Weiss, ran up to her. “Isn’t that your brother-in-law? Why does he look
a little like Mask from the back?”
Beatrice was stunned. She looked over at Alex before pouting. “How so? Look at him.
He walks like a dog.”
“Alright, alright. Let’s not care about your annoying brother-in-law. Hurry, let’s look for
Mask. If we miss him, you’ll just end up crying again! ” Beatrice’s friend said.
Alex heard everything.
He wished he could run over to her and claw her eyes out. ‘Look clearly. I’m Mask, the
man you dream about all day and night!
Now stop dreaming. I’ll never like you!’
Very soon, Alex arrived at Cheryl Coney’s office.
In the room, apart from Cheryl and Andrew ‘the big nosed foreigner’ there was also a
tall, foreign looking beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing glasses. She was
probably the reporter from the medical publishing company Cheryl had mentioned.
There was also a middle-aged man. Alex had met this person before. He was Lucifer
North, the director of First City Hospital.
When Alex arrived, Andrew immediately looked excited. “Oh, God! I finally get to see
you again!” Andrew exclaimed.
He wanted to greet Alex with a warm hug, but Alex quickly pushed him away. “I’m not
your God.”
Andrew didn’t feel awkward about it at all. Instead, he laughed. “Oh, right. I suddenly
remembered. Very few people in America believe in the god we speak of. You believe in
another god.
Dear Alex, regardless of which god you believe in, you are like my god.”
Cheryl tried to hold in her laughter.
Lucifer found it hard to resist his giggle.
The blonde lady, on the other hand, looked Alex up and down before scoffing. “Andrew,
you embarrass me. The god you spoke of is a woman.
Do you think he’s a woman?
Anyway, is he the miracle doctor you mentioned could revive the dead and let patients
with broken legs walk again within half an hour? I really suspect that you might have
Alzheimer’s disease.”
Alex glanced at the female reporter, and his gaze gradually turned cold.


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