The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 378

“Dear Alex, please don’t take it to heart. Her name is Miranda Finn. You can call her
Little Finn. She’s the granddaughter of an old buddy of mine. Ever since she was a
kid… Well, she’s been like a stray kitten…” Andrew quickly said.
Before Andrew could continue speaking, Miranda cut him off. “Andrew, you’re going to
piss me off if you keep talking like this. Stop wasting my time.
He’s so young, but you
call him an amazing miracle doctor. You must have been fooled by him.”
Alex Rockefeller looked at Andrew calmly. “Does this mean you haven’ t convinced this
woman yet?” he asked.
Andrew waved his hand. “Alex, she’s a very difficult woman to deal with. I really hope
you can convince her.”
Miranda laughed out loudly. “Andrew, you must have been fooled by him. To be honest,
I didn’t come to do an interview or anything like that. I just wanted to see what kind of
person fooled you. Oh, I’ve learned something new today… Traditional medicine?
Hmph. Is that even considered medical knowledge? It’s practically witchcraft, something
handed down by American tribes with superstitions and myths involved. Andrew, you
should really look for a proper children’s mythical storybook from America.
it’d be way too embarrassing.”
Cheryl Coney and Lucifer North were both very upset with Miranda. However, she was
a foreign female reporter. They couldn’t get angry and yell at her in her face.
Right then, Alex walked over to Miranda.
She was shocked. “What are you going to do to me? I’m telling you, I’m a karate
Alex looked at her blue eyes that looked like they belonged to a feral cat. This was the
first time he held his gaze with a Persian at such a close distance.
“Do you not believe in traditional medicine? Do you think it’s all superstition and myths?”
Alex asked calmly.
“Of course,” Miranda said.
“Well then, I’ll show you what myths in America really look like.”
He gently lifted a finger and tapped Miranda below her neck
In the next second, she started screaming out loud. “Oh, oh my god! Oh lord! Why can’t
I move? Have I been paralyzed? What did you do to me? Oh! Oh my god! I don’t want
to be paralyzed!”
Everyone else was also shocked, including Cheryl.
In traditional medicine, there wasn’t any kind of acupunctural method that could instantly
freeze one’s limbs in place. Even the theory of hitting a person’s pressure point as
described in martial arts novels wasn’t practical in traditional medicine.
Miranda was crying loudly with a frightened expression.
“Didn’t you say traditional medicine is just witchcraft and myths? I’m showing you what
traditional medicine is right now,” Alex said.
“This isn’t traditional medicine. This is… Martial arts. That’s right. You people call it
‘hitting a pressure point’, don’t you? It’s described like that in Condor Heroes,” Miranda
Alex couldn’t believe that she’d actually seen this before.
Alex shook his head. “This is traditional medicine.”
Miranda still didn’t believe him and continued to shout.
Annoyed by her, Alex tapped her again. Now, Miranda couldn’t even speak. She could
only open her mouth without making any sounds. Her eyeballs rolled around from left to
right. She tried her best to give Andrew looks, and it made her seem very odd.
Alex ignored her and turned to look at Andrew. “Looks like your promise is going to fall
through. She doesn’t believe in it at all.”
“No, no. It’s fine. Even without Little Finn, I can still come up with the article myself and
publish it on the paper. I came to you for a treatment so that I could personally
experience the healing effects of traditional medicine. That way, my writing would be
even more persuasive. I want the entire world to know that traditional medicine is
awesome!” Andrew exclaimed.
Alex chuckled. “Okay. I will give you a treatment now. I’ll be able to cure you of
pancreatitis within half an hour.”
“What? Half an hour? Oh my god! Alex, you really are my Goddess of Mercy!” Andrew
Miranda, on the other hand, smirked.
Could Alex really cure Andrew of pancreatitis within half an hour? It was the biggest
joke she had ever heard. If Alex could really do it, Miranda swore she would address
him as her father.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t speak now.


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