The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 379

Alex Rockefeller thought about it for a while.
The most ideal way to cure this big nosed foreigner of his pancreatitis was to use an
electrified needle with the lightning attribute. In fact, using one’s finger was the fastest
and easiest way.
However, most commoners couldn’t accept being treated with finger poking methods.
Without using a silver needle to carry out acupuncture, it would appear too illogical.
Most people wouldn’t be able to understand it. Hence, Alex turned to look at Cheryl
Coney. “Do you have a silver needle? Can I borrow it?”
Cheryl was a doctor who practiced a fusion of traditional and modern medicine.
Acupuncture was one of her strengths. So she definitely had silver needles in her
drawer. She immediately took a brand-new pack of silver needles out. “I thought you
didn’t use silver needles,” she said.
Alex sighed. “I’m worried these foreigners can’t understand the treatment otherwise.”
Cheryl chuckled softly. “Do you think they would understand it just because you use
silver needles?”
She was right, but Alex still decided to use silver needles. In fact, he used a seemingly
miraculous technique that included throwing needles into the air.
“Oh, no, no, no! Oh my god. Dear Alex, do you think I’m a dartboard?” Andrew
immediately cried out in shock after pulling his shirt up.
However, it was already too late. Alex moved way too fast. With a flick of his finger, a
silver needle jabbed into Andrew’s pressure point. Only a short part of the needle was
still sticking out and visibly shaking.
“Stop making noise. It doesn’t even hurt!” Alex glared at Andrew.
Right then, Cheryl’s and Lucifer North’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Some nurses were a little rough when injecting needles via patients’ buttocks, that was
still understandable.
However, it was simply outrageous to have the silver needles
thrown around like this.
Silver needles were extremely fine.
Moreover, acupuncture requires precision in identifying acupuncture points, which was
definitely not something ordinary people could do.
Miranda Finn, who could only move the parts of her body above her neck, felt as if her
cat-like eyes were going to fall out.
Right then, another lady walked through the door. She was wearing a face mask. If she
was a paparazzi, the people in the room would have been able to acutely sense it.
However, she was instead the megastar who had nearly been assassinated earlier,
As soon as Zendaya walked in, she saw Miranda in an odd pose with a weird look on
her face. “Miranda, what’s wrong with you?” she asked.
It turned out that Zendaya and Miranda were friends. Lucifer shushed at Zendaya,
asking her to be quiet. Zendaya was stunned.
Right then, Alex threw out three more needles that accurately thrusted into the pressure
points around Andrew’s stomach. Now, Andrew was left with only curiosity. Just as Alex
said, the long needles that pierced through his skin didn’t actually hurt. Andrew only felt
a slight numbing and itchy sensation.
It was all a little too unbelievable.
Andrew stared at his stomach as he deeply immersed himself in this unusual treatment
Zendaya could also finally see Alex’s face clearly. “Alex Rockefeller, it’s you…” she said
in a surprised tone.
Lucifer gestured for Zendaya not to make any sound once again. Only then did she
sheepishly press her palms together.
After that, she looked at Alex’s face without
blinking. One couldn’t quite tell what emotion she was expressing as her face was
covered by a mask.
But Alex didn’t even look at her once. Right then, he seemed extremely focused.
He was holding the fifth needle, and it was also the final needle he would use during this
“Andrew!” Alex suddenly said.
“The condition of your pancreatitis is already quite serious. There are signs of
calcification and cysts. This final needle I’m going to use will be a little painful. If you’re
afraid of the pain, I could hit you until you pass out. Oh, no. I mean I could use
anesthesia on you.” Alex explained.
“No, dear Alex. I don’t want anesthesia. I want to experience this unusual treatment in
the most original way.
Did you know that my primary doctor recommended surgery for
me? But that was too terrifying because the success rate was only thirty percent, and I
would probably never wake up from the operating table. Don’t worry. I’m a strong man
who’s not afraid of pain,” Andrew quickly said.
“As you wish!” Alex exclaimed.
Alex had a calm look on his face. Suddenly, the silver needle in his hand started to
vibrate on its own.
There were even tiny electric sparks on the tip of the needle. In the
next moment, the silver needle broke away from Alex’s fingers and actually levitated in
the air. The electric sparks on it became even brighter.
“Oh my god!”
“What is this? Is this a special power?”
Andrew started shouting. His face was full of excitement, and he couldn’t take his eyes
off the silver needle.
The rest of the group did the same.
Alex controlled the silver needle with Chi such that it continued to float in the air. He
gently glanced at Miranda. From her expression, he could tell that she was shocked. It
seemed as if she had witnessed a miracle.
On the other hand, Zendaya seemed
relatively calm. Since she was from Michigan’s Stoermer family, she had encountered
quite a few strange people in her life. Her father was a martial arts expert as well. She
knew that once someone achieved the level of cultivation where their inner force could
be used externally, manipulating light objects like a silver needle was not that difficult.


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