The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 38

Claire was queuing up outside of the clinic with the other patients. She was at the very end of the line, currently talking to the woman next to her…
“The legendary Dr. Coney is really something. I had to ask quite a few friends to help me get an appointment with him which I had to wait for another three months to happen.”
“Yeah, I had to wait for more than three months too. Well I can’t complain, no doctor is better than him!”
As she conversed, Claire felt someone approaching her and turned around. She frowned when she realized it was Alex. “Why are you here?”
Alex greeted her out of habit, “Mum.”
Claire exploded with anger, “What do you mean Mum? Who’s your Mum? Let me tell you something, you useless piece of sh*t. My daughter will soon divorce you and we’re cutting clean! Stop trying to crawl back to us! Heck, were you stalking me? You probably couldn’t find a place to stay, right? Are you going to beg me to take you back?”
Alex shook his head and said, “Ma’am, don’t you worry, I have a place to stay. You’re in my way, so will you please excuse me, ma’am?”
“What did you call me?” Claire was triggered.
Mum and Ma’am sounded slightly similar, but the meaning was one heck of a difference.
Claire was 46 years old at the time. But she had done her best to preserve her beauty and kept up with all the fashion trends just to look like she was in her early 30s. Thus, being called ‘Ma’am’ triggered her tremendously.
Frustration welled up in her chest.
Suddenly, she noticed Chery walking behind Alex. Slightly startled, her expression changed as she said out loud, “Oh I see how it is! I was wondering why this trash could agree to get out of my house without hesitation! So you’re living with this b*tch now, huh? And you were saying that you had nothing to do with her. As if!
“Look at this woman. She’s such a plain Jane, unlike our darling Dorothy. Look at her clothes, they look so cheap! Alex, I really have to say, your taste in women is as low as your life. What you have is just another b*tch!”
“Have some respect, please.” Cheryl’s expression was stern.
“Tsk, you’re the one who ruined my daughter’s family. You’re just a homewrecker, why should I respect you?”
As she spoke, a hard slap hit Claire’s fair face. It turned out that the one who slapped her was the woman she was cheerily talking to just a while ago.
Claire was stunned. She held her face with her palm and asked, “Why did you slap me?”
The woman was furious, “Why? You just called the legendary doctor’s granddaughter a b*tch! Dr. Coney shouldn’t even give you a check up, you hot-tempered wench! Who are you to yell at them anyway? Just look at you, your daughter probably isn’t any better as well. This young man is right to get a divorce!”
The woman had seen Cheryl before, hence she knew her identity. She knew that she had to stand up for Cheryl.
“What? She… she’s the legendary doctor’s granddaughter?” Claire’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Cheryl brought Alex into the clinic, James had just finished checking up on a patient.
Cheryl smiled, “Grandpa, this is Alex.”
James looked up and stood with a smile. “I apologize, everyone. I have a guest to attend to so please excuse us! Harold, please get everyone’s details while I’m gone. I’ll be back in a bit.”
A sharp patient immediately said, “Dr. Coney, is this guy your grandson-in-law? No worries, doctor. Please go ahead! Your grandson-in-law is paying you a visit after all, that must be important to you. We don’t mind waiting!”
Someone chimed in, “Yeah, yeah! We don’t mind coming back another day too.”
Claire stood by the door and looked extremely upset upon hearing those words.
The legendary doctor, James Coney, was well known in California. His status was much higher than the Ass*xes’s; everyone knew who he was. Even the politicians in California treated him with the utmost respect. He was a VIP in the whole country. If Alex were to become his grandson-in-law, that would elevate his status greatly as well.
How could she ever accept that?
Alex, James, and Coney then walked past her and entered another room in the back.
Alex didn’t even glance in her direction, as if she was merely thin air.
Alex had no idea as to why James was looking for him. He even noticed that James was a little too modest towards him.
Was he really trying to get him to be his grandson-in-law?
Just then, Cheryl decided to speak up and explain that her grandfather wanted to know if the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell was real. She continued, “Grandpa, Alex has absolutely no knowledge or experience in the medical field. He said so himself, that was just something he found online. You don’t have to stress about this acupuncture thing this much. This was most likely something fictional; something from a novel or TV show!”
She then turned to Alex. “Alex, just look up the site and show it to Grandpa so we can get this over with.”
In her point of view, Brittany’s miracle wasn’t because of Alex, it was because Brittany had a strong will to live and was able to wake herself up.
James replied, “Cherry, the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell isn’t fictional, it’s absolutely real. Our ancestors used to use this acupuncture method, but some of it got lost as it was handed down over generations. As of now, I only have nine of the acupuncture points. The other four are missing. This mystical acupuncture method would only work best with all points. The effect wouldn’t be as great if it’s incomplete, let alone four! That’s why I’ve never taught you this.”
James then turned to Alex. “Young man, I’m just very curious. That’s why I asked to see you today.”
Alex took a glance at Cheryl and nodded at James. “Yes, I did use the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell. It’s the real deal. I’m sorry that I lied to you yesterday, Dr. Coney.”
Cheryl spoke up, “There’s no way. I mean, where did you even learn that acupuncture method? You didn’t even attend medical school! Or did you manually learn traditional medicine? All you did was read a few books. What, did it just pop out of nowhere?”
Alex thought to himself, ‘Well you’re right about that, it did pop out of nowhere.’
Just then, hurried heavy footsteps could be heard from the outside. Someone shouted, “Dr. Coney, Dr. Coney! Help! Please help my daughter!”


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