The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 380

However, Zend aya couldn’t quite understand why there were sizzling lightning flashes.
“This is a Chi needle we use in traditional medicine. It is created by imbuing needles
with Chi energy. You can think of the lightning sparks as bio-electricity,” Alex Rockefeller
said calmly.
The silver needle slowly advanced. When it was five centimeters away from the rest of
the silver needles, the electric spark on it spread to the other four needles, and they all
started emitting electric sparks.
“Ah! oh!”
Andrew cried out. It was unbearably painful.
To be honest, it wasn’t too different from a typical surgery. This treatment also involved
removing the calcified parts of his pancreas and the cysts around it. The only difference
was that Western doctors would do it with a scalpel, while Alex did it with electrified Chi
Alex slapped Andrew so hard that he passed out.
The next part would be easy.
As everyone watched in amazement, the silver needles on Andrew’s body began to
emit a pungent and unpleasant green smoke.
“It stinks!” Cheryl Coney covered her nose as she took a step back. “It smells like
barbecued meat.”
Alex seemed very relaxed. “Indeed, the festering parts of his pancreas have been
directly roasted and sucked out by the lightning sparks from the silver needles. It does
smell a bit like barbecued meat, albeit the stinky kind. Oh, right. How’s the old man
doing now?”
“He’s much better. He’s been asking if you would come over to our place for dinner. Are
you free tonight?” Cheryl asked with a smile.
Alex shook his head. “Not tonight. I’ve got an appointment already.”
Cheryl’s eyes turned dark. She thought he was talking about Dorothy Ass*x.
In reality, that wasn’t the case.
Instead, Alex had an appointment with Jack Trent and Leanne Graves to attend their
company’s awards ceremony. He would use this opportunity to track down the person
who gave Leanne her parasitic disease.
Originally, it was supposed to be last night. But
since some people couldn’t make it in time, and many of the employees from Leanne’s
company were still out, they decided to wait another day.
Within half an hour, the treatment came to an end.
After the silver needles were removed, Andrew woke up yelling. “What happened to
Alex tossed the silver needles away. “You’re fine now. You can get a checkup.”
“Really? Is that true? Oh… I really don’t seem to be in pain anymore. In fact, I’ve never
felt this relaxed. It’s almost as if I’ve gone back to the condition I was in twenty years
ago. I can drink rum again,” Andrew said before giving Alex a tight hug.
After that, he went to get a checkup.
Alex then restored Miranda Finn’s freedom. “Now, do you still think traditional medicine
is superstitious?” he asked.
Zendaya could guess what had transpired between these two. “Miranda, Alex is my
friend. He’s a very amazing practitioner of traditional medicine, and he fixed my knee,”
she said.
“Oh?!” Miranda exclaimed. “I can talk again. The paralysis is gone. My dear Zendaya,
he’s actually your friend, eh? It’s really… it’s amazing! I’ve decided to do a feature on
you, Daddy!”
“What did you call me?” Alex asked.
“Oh, well, I swore that if you managed to cure that alcoholic, Andrew of his illness within
half an hour, I’d call you Daddy. Well, as you can see, you won!” Miranda explained.
Alex started laughing. Things had turned out well in the end.
“Alex, I have to thank you for what you did last time. Can we have a meal together?”
Zendaya asked. Miranda nodded along. “I can interview you during the meal,” she said.
Alex checked the time. “Alright. Cheryl, are you getting off work yet? Let’s go together!”
“I’ll need another ten minutes. Why don’t you guys go ahead first?” Cheryl said.
They made a reservation.
Alex and Zendaya went over to order their food first.
Since Miranda had something else
to attend to, she would head over with Cheryl later.
Soon, Zendaya got into Alex’s Aston Martin.
At that moment, Beatrice Ass*x and her friends, who hadn’t seen Mask, were also at
the hospital’s parking lot. They suddenly saw Alex with Zendaya.
“Look, it’s Zendaya!”
“Who’s that guy? Is that Mask? Oh my god! Beatrice, that’s your brother-in-law!


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