The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 381

As huge fans of Zendaya, these people knew Zendaya even better than paparazzi did.
They could tell from the way she walked, the tone of her voice, and even a single gaze if
it was really her in the flesh.
Hence, when Zendaya walked past earlier, the four of them knew without a doubt that
this lady in a face mask with her hair tied into a bun was their idol, Zendaya. When they
were sure that the person in the driver’s seat was Alex Rockefeller, they were shocked.
Especially Beatrice Ass*x, who looked as if she’d seen a ghost or struck by lightning.
“How… How could he be Mask?” Beatrice asked.
“No, it’s absolutely impossible. There must be a mistake. He can’t be Mask!” Beatrice’s
eyes were wide open as she stared at Alex, who was now talking and laughing with
Zendaya. She really couldn’t picture this man being the useless brother-in-law she
“How else would you explain the fact that he’s with Zendaya?
Could your brother-in-law
have successfully wooed Zendaya?” asked Mona Weiss.
This sounded even more ridiculous.
“Beatrice, you actually fell in love with your brother-in-law. Would your sister kill you if
she found out?” asked one of the guys in the group with a chuckle.
“It can’t be. It can’t be. Mask is an amazing person.
Didn’t you guys see him in the
video? I personally witnessed it that night. Mask killed one person with every step he
took, and be rescued me. How could Alex, that useless guy, be this strong? If he was
this powerful, why would he let me yell at him all day. Why would he be submissive to
my mother?” Beatrice cried out.
“This fellow has earned a lot of money recently. I bet he spent it all to buy a luxury car
just to woo Zendaya,” Beatrice added.
Mona was equally surprised. “Let’s follow them and see,” she said.
Soon, they followed Alex’s Aston Martin to a restaurant not too far away. When they
looked up, they saw that it was Phoenix
“It’s Phoenix Restaurant, one of the top five fine dining restaurants in California. A glass
of water would cost a few hundred dollars in this restaurant,” Mona said, staggered.
Beatrice gritted her teeth. “This jerk. To impress Zendaya, not only did he buy a luxury
car, but he even took her to a place like this. Yet, he wouldn’t even give my mother a
single cent. Did you guys know? He stayed in my house for half a year, but has never
even bought an apple for us. All he gave my mother on her birthday was a broken pair
of shoes.”
“Wow… your broth er-in-law really is…quite stingy.”
“It’s really strange. Why would your sister marry someone like him? Now, he’s even
trying to woo a beautiful goddess. What gave him the guts to do so?”
Beatrice’s friends started to talk.
Mona, on the other hand, frowned a little. “Beatrice, don’t you find it odd? You know
Zendaya very well, don’t you? When has she ever had a meal with a man on her own?
This is the first time something ridiculous like this has happened. Your brother-in-law
might really have an unusual relationship with her. I, for one, suspect that he is the guy
you’ve been thinking about all day long, Mask. That’s because Mask just saved
Zendaya’s life.”
Beatrice immediately looked dumbfounded.
“Quickly, let’s go inside. We’ll lose them soon if we don’t!”
After entering the restaurant, they happened to see Alex and Zendaya walking into a
The few of them quickly followed Alex and Zendaya, hoping to eavesdrop outside the
Right then, the door was suddenly pulled open forcefully.
They all fell inward because it happened too quickly. The person who opened the door
was Alex himself.
On his way here, Alex could already sense that he was being followed. Originally, he
thought it might have been an assassin or someone like that. He didn’t think it would be
his sister-in-law, Beatrice. He stared coldly at Beatrice as she helped herself up.
“Why are you following me?” Alex asked.


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