The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 382

Beatrice Ass*x was caught off guard, especially with her favorite idol so nearby. For a
while, she couldn’t say anything. Zendaya recognized Beatrice right away. After all,
what happened that night was still fresh in her mind.
“She just wants to know if you are Mask!” Mona Weiss said directly.
As for the other two men, they could manage nothing else but to stare at Zendaya in
awe from the moment they saw her.
“Are you guys out of your minds?” Alex Rockefeller’s facial expression was cold.
“Beatrice, why are you looking for Mask, who might not even be who you think he is?
Do you really want to get married to him?”
Beatrice blushed. “No, that’s not it. I just… I just wanted to thank him in person for
saving my life.”
“Well, you ve got the wrong person. I’m not the Mask you’re looking for,” Alex said.
Beatrice finally returned to normal. “Of course, I know you’re not Mask. If you were him,
I’d jump down from this place.” she grunted.
Alex was speechless. He looked out the window. They were on the seventh floor. If
Beatrice jumped down, she’d be dead.
Beatrice then turned to look at Zendaya. Her facial expression immediately changed,
and she acted as sweet as she could be. “Zendaya, I’m your fan, one of the three lucky
fans from before. My name is Beatrice.”
Zendaya looked at Alex before she nodded. “Yeah, I know. I remember you.”
“I’m really glad to see you safe and sound. I… I wanted to ask. Who is the masked
bodyguard who saved me? Can I meet him? Perhaps, you could give me his number. I
want to thank him in person,” Lady Beatrice said.
Zendaya saw Rockefeller gently shaking his head.
“I’m truly sorry. I’m afraid I can’t do that for you.
That bodyguard’s status is rather
unique. He’s someone from the American government, and his identity cannot be
revealed. I’m bound by the principle of secrecy! However, if I get the chance, I’ll express
your gratitude to him on your behalf,” Zendaya said.
Beatrice seemed disappointed after hearing that.
Mona immediately started laughing. “Beatrice, thank goodness Mask isn’t your
brother-in-law. Otherwise, you’d be done for.
Things could get messy if you actually fell
in love with your brother-in-law.”
When Zendaya heard this, her delicate body suddenly shivered as a realization hit her.
“Him? Hmph! I never even doubted it!” Beatrice glared at Alex briefly before turning to
face Zendaya. “Zendaya, this fellow has been married a long time ago. He’s my
brother-in-law. In fact, he doesn’t even have any accomplishments. He lived in my
house for ten months, doing nothing but babysitting.
If he tries to woo you, please don’t
believe whatever he tells you.”
Zendaya’s mouth fell wide open, astonished.
“Alright, alright. That’s enough, Beatrice. You can leave now! Stop delaying us from
ordering our food!” Alex said annoyedly.
“I can’t believe you’re thick skinned enough to continue with your meal! Don’t you have
any self-awareness at all?
Zendaya is a national goddess. She’s a huge celebrity worth
at least a billion dollars. You just extorted twenty million dollars from someone else, and
you’re already buying luxury cars and having meals at a fine dining restaurant. Most
importantly, Zendaya doesn’t even have eyes for you. You’re a married man. Aren’t you
embarrassed?” Beatrice reprimanded Alex impolitely.
Alex felt helpless, he was afraid that she might spew nonsense later. “You’re
misunderstanding the situation.
I don’t intend to woo her,” he said.
“Then what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you have business to discuss here. Can
you not be so shameless?” Beatrice uttered.
Alex shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to explain further.
Besides, in the eyes of Beatrice and Claire Ass*x, he would always be a loser even if
he had the world under his feet.
Zendaya couldn’t stand listening to this anymore. “Miss Beatrice, I hope you pay a little
attention to the words you speak Alex is a very good friend of mine, and he’s not as bad
as you say he is. If there’s nothing else for you to do here, please leave and not disturb
our meal any further,” she stood up and said.
Beatrice was immediately shocked when she heard this. Was Alex actually Zendaya’s
good friend?


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