The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 383

Beatrice Ass*x, Mona Weiss and their friends looked at each other. In the end,
they had no choice but to leave with a sad look on their faces.
They didn’t even dare to ask for their idol’s autograph like how fans normally
would when they bumped into idols.
“Wait a second!” Zendaya suddenly called out to them. Zendaya was looking at
“Zendaya, what is it?” Beatrice asked worriedly.
“Miss Beatrice, I’m glad you became my fan, but more than that, I hope you can
treat life well and treat the people around you better, especially your family.
Although Alex is your brother-in-law, I don’t see you treating him like a family
member at all, like how you should. Do you really think a stranger like me is more
important than him?”
“The masked bodyguard was willing to save you because that’s his character
trait. If he found out that you’re a person who treated your family this badly, I
think he would be upset. Well, this is my honest advice for you. Goodbye!”
Zendaya said.
Beatrice left, unbearably upset.
Right then, Cheryl Coney and Miranda Finn also arrived.
They walked past Lady Beatrice and her friends.
Beatrice jerked her head around and happened to see Cheryl and Miranda
walking into the room Alex and Zendaya were in.
“It’s her!” Beatrice exclaimed. Her facial expression turned gloomy. She was even
more upset now.
“Who was that? Do you know her?” Mona asked.
“I finally get it now. I know how Alex got to know Zendaya.” Beatrice seemed as if
she figured out an important detail. “The lady in yellow who entered the room just
now is a doctor from Premier Hospital. She is the granddaughter of California’s
legendary doctor, James Coney. Alex, the traitor, had already developed a
relationship with her. He must have gotten to know Zendaya through that female
doctor. In the end, he’s just someone who depends on women.”
“If your sister knows what kind of a man he is, why hasn’t she divorced him?”
“Who knows? There’s probably something wrong with her brain!”
The group of people left.
After finding out that Mask was someone from the government, whose identity
was bound by the principle of secrecy, Beatrice’s feelings for him only became
even more irrevocable. She began to imagine Mask as a hero who protected his
country, a military god during battles.
She fantasized about the day he would
come to her in a shining armor after defeating his enemies in a flame-filled battle.
When the time came, he would make her his wife and treat her with love and
Beatrice was so lost in thought that she walked right into a door, knocking her
head against it.
“Hey, Beatrice. What are you thinking? Are you fantasizing about stuff again? Are
you actually still thinking about Mask?”
“I… Ouch, it hurts!”
Meanwhile, in the room, Zendaya looked at Alex with an odd expression. “So,
you’re actually married. Was that your sister-in-law? Are you worried that she
might fall in love with you if she finds out that you are Mask?”
“I didn’t think you like to gossip so much too,” Alex said.
“Don’t you know that all women like gossiping?” Zendaya said.
When they walked in, Cheryl and Miranda were surprised by the conversation
between Alex and Zendaya.
Zendaya explained what had happened earlier and how she hid the fact that Alex
was Mask.
“Alex is the perfect lover. It’s a classic case of how a man would always treat his
wife like his first love no matter how badly she abuses him,” Cheryl complained.
Alex felt a little awkward. “Alright, stop talking about me. Let’s order!”
Originally, Miranda was here to expose Alex for being a fraud. However,
experiencing it personally, coupled with Alex’s relationship with Zendaya, she
was finally becoming more accepting of traditional medicine.
After eating a bit of food, Miranda started speaking in very fluent English. “I just
found out that there are four aspects of traditional medicine, sight, smell, the
patient’s feelings, and the patient’s pulse.
Instead of machines, all you need is to
check the patient’s pulse. So, does that mean you can diagnose a patient just like
Alex nodded when he saw Miranda turning on a recording device. “Yes, that is
indeed the case. ”
“In that case, Mr. Rockefeller, can you check my pulse?” Miranda asked.
Alex wanted to say he could tell she wasn’t sick with a single glance… But
knowing how traditional medicine was currently perceived, he nodded. “Not a


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