The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 385

Leo Adams’ cold gaze remained on Alex. “Young man, you have no idea who you’re
talking about. Do you know what will happen to you if you disrespect Mr. Accardo?”
Everyone was getting angry.
What kind of restaurant manager was this? What was he playing at?
Was he pandering to someone else?
“Mr. Adams, we’re customers who are here to eat in your restaurant. Don’t you think a
request like this is too much?” Zendaya asked coldly.
Leo chuckled. “Miss Zendaya, although you’re a huge celebrity, that’s all you are in the
end. To put in a less pleasant way, you’re an entertainer. I’m doing this with good
intentions. If you upset Mr. Accardo, your artistic career might end prematurely.”
Just as Leo finished speaking, he was slapped across the face.
It was Alex who did it.
However, Alex moved so quickly that he was able to sit down right after slapping Leo.
Leo, whose face had become swollen on one side, couldn’t even clearly see who
slapped him.
However, he figured it was probably Alex.
“You piece of sh*t. How dare you hit me?” Leo covered his face with one hand as he
glared angrily at Alex.
“What’s the matter? Do you think you’re in a dream?”
Alex stood up this time. He was several inches taller than Leo, looking down at him
In the next second, he slapped Leo again.
The other side of Leo’s face was also swollen now, he was even bleeding from the
corner of his mouth.
“Do you believe this is the real world now?” Alex asked.
Leo’s eyes turned red. He nearly yelled to summon the restaurant’s bodyguards.
However, he realized he was here to do Mr. Accardo’s bidding. With Mr. Accardo
around, he had no need for the restaurant’s bodyguards.
Mr. Accardo would definitely
be able to beat Alex up better than them anyway.
“Very well!” Leo said coldly. He had never been treated so badly in his own restaurant.
“Young man, you’ve got guts to ask Mr. Accardo to get lost. You’re done for!” he added
before turning around and leaving.
As he was walking out, a bottle flew out and hit his knee. Leo stumbled to the ground
with a thump.
“Take his wine away. We don’t want it!”
Leo grabbed the wine bottle and left quickly. But he wasn’t running away. Instead, he
was going to look for and report back to Mr. Accardo.
“Valtameri Co. operates in a gray area in California. It’s almost equivalent to Thousand
Miles Conglomerate in its powers. I heard Valtameri Co.’s CEO, Frank Accardo, has a
lot of fighters working for him. He seems very capable. Alex, wouldn’t you get in
trouble?” Cheryl Coney asked worriedly. She had heard a few things about Valtameri
Co. before.
To be honest, Alex had the intention of confronting Frank.
The last time he investigated the car accident and the people involved, all clues led to
Frank in the end. However, Frank was not in California. Since Alex had bumped into his
son, he could use this opportunity to lure Frank out.
Though Alex might not be afraid, Cheryl and the others were wary.
“Cheryl, Zendaya, Miranda. Why don’t you leave first? I’ll stay here and deal with the
rest of the matter.
I don’t want you to get involved,” Alex said.
Zendaya shook her head gently. “This thing started because of me. How could I leave
without you? With you here, there’s no reason for me to be worried. I doubt this young
president of Valtameri Co. could be stronger than that assassin from the other day.”
Miranda Finn didn’t say anything.
Cheryl, on the other hand, had her eyes opened wide. She looked at Zendaya in
disbelief before turning to look at Alex. “Are you Mask from that concert the other day?”
News about Mask were all over the internet. In fact, some of the video streaming media
platforms had even started riding on the trending topic of the masked hero. The same
design of the mask had even been sold out on e-commerce platforms.
How could Chery! not know about Mask as a California resident?
She had also seen the video of Mask in action, and she was deeply shocked. But she
didn’t think that man would be Alex.
Alex had no reason to hide it from Cheryl. He smiled and nodded. “Do you pay attention
to such gossip on the internet? Cheryl, you should leave first!”
Cheryl shook her head. She didn’t even budge. She was a little lost in thought, and
nobody could tell what she was thinking.
As for Miranda, there was a look of excitement in her eyes


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