The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 387

Mr. Kitagawa was in his early thirties, a calm and collected man from Japan who rarely
spoke more than a few words.
Heath Accardo knew that Mr. Kitagawa was a very strong fighter. Heath’s father, Frank Accardo, had hired him to participate in the SCBA’s fighting competition that would take
place in half a month’s time.
This meal was Heath’s way of welcoming Mr. Kitagawa.
Since Frank wasn’t in
California, he asked Heath to represent him instead. It was a great thing that Mr.
Kitagawa stepped forward voluntarily.
Heath also wanted to see how capable this Japanese fighter his father had mentioned.
“This celebrity, Zendaya really does think of herself very highly. Not only did she
disrespect Mr. Adams, but she also disrespected me,” Heath stood up and said as he
Leo Adams was also in the room. His face was red and swollen. “Exactly. But Zendaya
didn’t really say much. Instead, the guy who was eating with her was far too arrogant.
When I mentioned your father’s name, Mr. Accardo, he acted as if he had never heard
of him. He even asked you to get lost!”
“He has a death wish,” Heath huffed.
“There were two other women with Zendaya, both were extraordinarily pretty. One of
them is even a Persian!” Leo said.
Heath became even more excited when he heard this.
“Mr. Adams, you said they’re extraordinarily pretty. What about me? Am I pretty?” Chloe
Marionette asked in a sweet voice.
“Miss Marionette is definitely beautiful too. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re probably a
descendent of Cleopatra with royal blood running through your veins!” Leo quickly said.
However, in his heart, he was thinking otherwise. ‘Compared to them, you are nothing
more than average. You’re probably just a little sl*ttier than them.’
Chloe immediately started laughing.
Heath reached out and grabbed at Chloe’s body several times. “Mr. Kitagawa, I’ll come
with you to see which idiot did this. Later, the Persian lady will give you a warm
welcome,” he said.
Mr. Kitagawa laughed loudly. He was very tempted.
In Japan, he also had the luxury of being surrounded by beautiful women. So he was no
stranger to things like this.
Soon, the group of people, Heath, Mr. Kitagawa, Chloe, Leo and three other
subordinates, started making their way to Alex Rockefeller’s room.
The door was left open Alex and the others had been waiting for them.
When Heath and the other men saw the beautiful women in the room, their eyes
glistened and they couldn’t look away.
Mr. Kitagawa, who looked stern earlier, also started smiling mysteriously.
Chloe was the only one who was slightly stunned when she saw Cheryl Coney. When
she saw Alex, she was thoroughly shocked. “Alex! I can’t believe it’s you! Were you the
one who hit Mr. Adams and Mr. Accardo’s subordinates? Do you have a death wish?”
“Chloe, darling, do you know him?” Heath circled his arm around Chloe’s waist and
Alex found it oddly mysterious.
Chloe seemed to have the ability to seduce various types of men, but none of them
were good people.
Indeed, birds of a feather flock together.
“He’s a loser who depends on other women. All he does is wash his mother-in-law’s feet
at home.
He can only maintain his livelihood by sucking up to his mother-in-law. I
wouldn’t want to get to know people like this,” Chloe said in a disgusted manner.
Alex didn’t feel bothered by her verbal attack at all.
“Chloe, have you recovered from syphilis?” Alex asked.
Chloe immediately became triggered when she heard this. “Who has syphilis? If
anyone, it’s probably you who has syphilis!”
Alex shook his head. “I’m a doctor. Besides, I have a sensitive nose. I could smell that
rotten scent of yours from miles away. Last time, I told you that you have a mutated
case of syphilis. It’s very difficult to cure. I also told you not to come out and harm other
people, but you wouldn’t listen to me.”
While Alex spoke, he glanced at Heath pitifully.
Heath was shocked.
That’s because he suddenly recalled feeling a slight itch when he went to the toilet
Heath slapped Chloe forcefully across the face. “B*tch! Why didn’t you tell me you were
Chloe fell to the ground as tears started to roll down her cheeks. “Mr. Accardo, I’m not
sick. He made it up. He’s framing me! Alex Rockefeller, you jerk! You’ll die a horrible
Alex glanced at her briefly. “You should probably look after yourself. Your own life is at
risk! I wonder if I had seen it mistakenly. Perhaps, you might even have HIV!”
Chloe was shocked speechless.


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