The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 388

Heath Accardo was shocked too, and he wanted to slap Chloe Marionette once again.
However, he stopped himself just before he did it Instead, he kicked her with his foot.
“You b*tch. If I get HIV because of you, I’ll kill you and your family.”
Chloe was kicked so hard that her face became bruised and swollen while her nose
started to bleed profusely. Everyone was so afraid of being infected that they quickly
moved away from her. In the end, Chloe ran out of the room crying. Before she left, she
glared angrily at Alex Rockefeller.
Alex didn’t care at all. He turned to look at Heath.
“Are you Mr. Accardo? Frank Accardo’s son? Where is your father?” Alex asked.
Heath immediately became enraged. “Who the hell are you? How dare you speak of my
father’s name?”
“Young man, why haven’t you gotten down on your knees yet? This is Mr. Accardo
you’re speaking to,” Leo added excitedly.
Just as Leo finished his sentence, a silver light flashed. Right after, Leo cried out loudly
before falling to the ground.
It turned out that there was a fork stabbed deep into his thigh. It reached his bone, and it
hurt extremely badly.
A moment ago, Alex had flicked his finger to shoot the fork into Leo’s thigh.
“Mr. Accardo, stay here. Everyone else that has nothing to do with this, get out,” Alex
said calmly.
Miranda Finn got very excited as she watched this scene unfold. If there weren’t other
people around, she would’ve shouted the name of the Condor Heroes’ protagonist, she
loved watching the drama series. In her eyes, any man who was strong in martial arts
was like the drama series’ protagonist, and she would call them Daddy.
“Outrageous!” Heath shouted angrily. “Mr. Kitagawa, it’s your turn. ” He turned to Mr.
“A Japanese?” Alex was stunned. Only then did he notice that Mr. Kitagawa was indeed
a little different. “Are you a ninja?” Alex asked.
Mr. Kitagawa scoffed coldly. “Of course, I’m not a ninja. I’m an ancient… ”
Alex couldn’t be bothered to listen to his introduction. “Get lost!”
If Mr. Kitagawa was a ninja, Alex would’ve been slightly interested. But since he wasn’t,
Alex didn’t want him to stay.
“Take this!” Mr. Kitagawa shouted angrily as he threw a punch at Alex.
Mr. Kitagawa was a martial arts expert who studied an ancient form of Japanese martial
art known as Katori Shinto Stream. His level of cultivation was extremely close to Mystic
rank. This was also how he caught Frank Accardo’s eyes, and why Frank intentionally
invited him from Japan.
Heath looked on coldly in disdain. He was paying more attention to Zendaya and the
other pretty ladies.
Right then, Alex also struck with his fist, colliding with Mr. Kitagawa’s fist.
In the next second, the sound of bones cracking could be heard from Mr. Kitagawa’s
arm and a broken piece of bone pierced through his skin. It was an extremely terrifying
Mr. Kitagawa cried out painfully as he was sent flying out of the room.
Heath’s pupils contracted in shock.
His father had told him that Mr. Kitagawa was very strong!
So how did he turn out to become as weak as pulp?
‘Chloe Marionette, you b*tch. Why did you say he was a loser who depended on
women? Ifhe’s a loser, then what am I?’ Heath thought to himself angrily.
“All of you, get out! ” Alex waved his hand and caused an explosion with his Chi energy.
The remaining people were all flung out of the room.
“Where is your father?” Alex looked at Heath and asked one more time.
Heath had an awful expression on his face. For some reason, he wanted to kneel.
“D-Do you know my father?” He stuttered.


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