The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 389

Zendaya and Cheryl Coney found it equally odd. Why did Alex Rockefeller ask Heath
Accardo about his father twice?
Did something happen between Alex and Frank Accardo?
However, Alex shook his head. “I don’t know your father, but your father owes me an
explanation. I heard that your father has gone in search of expert fighters. Is he back
Heath was truly shocked to hear this.
If Alex even knew about such secretive information, there definitely was more than
meets the eyes. Alex could not be the loser Chloe Marionette described him to be. From
the way Alex easily broke Mr. Kitagawa’s bones, Heath knew that Alex was a hidden
boss like figure, Alex was definitely not someone he could afford to mess with.
Heath was just a guy who put up a tough act. He knew he couldn’t beat Alex. If he tried
to fight, he would only be putting his life at risk.
Hence, Heath immediately bent his knees and knelt to the ground. “Sir, I’m sorry for
being ignorant. I deserve to die.”
Alex looked at Heath. “Oh? Why should you die?”
Heath was stunned. He immediately started slapping himself. “Sir, Zendaya is a woman
you’re interested in. I shouldn’t have tried to come between the two of you. I deserve to
Alex didn’t speak.
Heath continued to slap himself!
“I shouldn’t have asked Leo Adams and my subordinates to disturb your meal, sir. I
deserve to die. I even asked Mr. Kitagawa to fight you. I deserve to die,” Heath added.
Heath was a smart man. He knew very well that he should act like a coward if he
couldn’t beat his opponent. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible to survive for long in
places like the underworld.
Alex shook his head. He felt speechless when he saw Heath’s face getting swollen from
slapping himself. “You sure know when to give up. Your father is considered quite an
influential person in California’s underworld. I didn’t think you’d be such a coward.
Alright, that’s enough. Apologize to Zendaya and get lost!”
Heath felt as if he had been given a second chance at life. He immediately banged his
forehead against the ground in front of Zendaya several times before crawling out of the
Zendaya was shocked. “Is he really the young president of Valtameri Co.?”
Cheryl Coney couldn’t stand watching it. “He’s a bully to the weak, but a coward to the
strong. He’s too… Spineless!”
“Alex, did anything happen between you and Frank Accardo?” Cheryl asked after that.
Alex shook his head. “I’m not sure yet. But let’s not talk about messed up things like
this. We’re done eating anyway. Let’s go,” he said.
Cheryl returned to the hospital.
Miranda Finn was looking at Alex in an odd way, but she had other things to attend to in
the afternoon. Hence, she also quickly left. However, before she left, she made an
appointment the next morning with Alex to cure her secret illness.
Zendaya got into Alex’s Aston Martin once again. “Mr. Rockefeller, I still haven’t properly
thanked you for saving my life during the concert the other day. I owe you a huge favor.
What would you like?”
Alex waved his hand. “That’s not necessary. It was originally a deal between Anna
Coleman and me anyway, so don’t worry about it.”
“That won’t do. Those are two completely different things. The fact that you saved my
life is something between you and me,” Zendaya insisted.
Alex felt troubled.
“What should we do? Why don’t you offer me your body then?” Alex said.
Zendaya immediately blushed in embarrassment.
Alex had always made her feel that he wasn’t tempted by beauty. Even when he saw
how beautiful she was, he didn’t seem affected at all. To be honest, Zendaya still felt a
little frustrated on the inside. Was she so unattractive that he didn’t even feel anything?
But when she heard him suggesting that she should offer him her body, her impression
of him changed. Women really were contradictory beings.
“I was just joking. Did you take me seriously? I’m married! Even if you agreed, I wouldn’t
dare accept it!” Alex laughed loudly.
“However, you do sing very well. If you really want to thank me, why don’t you sing me a
song?” Alex added.
“Just a song?” Zendaya’s eyes glistened.
“This was way too easy!”
“Yes. Sing with your heart,” Alex said.
“Alright. I promise,” Zendaya said.
Zendaya turned to look at him. Her heart was beating slightly faster. This was the first
time she sang for a man privately. It felt very different. Zendaya took a moment to
prepare herself. “Well then, I’ll sing a song that hasn’t been released yet. There isn’t a
name for it yet so let’s just call it ‘Nameless’!”


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