The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 39

“Huh, what happened?”
“A little girl! Her face is pale and bluish! She’s not breathing!”
“This is terrifying… would Dr. Coney be able to save her?”
The crowd started discussing among themselves, hoping for the best.
Just then, a middle-aged man carried a five-year-old-girl into the room. He was crying hysterically, with panic written all over his face. With a loud thud, he knelt down.
Cheryl immediately got into action. She briefly checked the little girl’s vitals.
As she checked, her expression darkened. The little girl wasn’t breathing and had no pulse.
Cheryl immediately started doing CPR, asking the middle-aged man as to what had happened.
The man cried, “I don’t know, I… I was just paying at the counter. Then, my little girl just fainted behind me. She just fell unconscious.”
James approached the little girl as well, he said, “Examine her throat.”
Cheryl did as she was told, yet she didn’t find anything blocking the airway.
James smacked the little girl’s back a few times as well. However, nothing came out. In the end, all James could do was sigh and shook his head in grief.
The man was still on his knees and cried even more hysterically.
With a puzzled look, Alex watched by the side. He could see a faint figure that looked exactly like the little girl, standing next to him. She was staring at the man, calling him papa repeatedly.
“Is this her soul?
“Well damn, I can see spirits too now,” Alex muttered under his breath.
As the saying goes, it is impossible to revive the deceased. However, in the Ultimate Book of Medicine, there’s still hope for someone who had just passed.
He tapped on Cheryl’s shoulder, “Can I have a go?”
She didn’t even look at him, “Stop messing around.”
Alex then dragged her harshly to the side, “You’re not helping.”
Cheryl stumbled aside, annoyed by his actions.
Alex then grabbed the little girl’s soul and forced it back into her body…
Ghost doctor skills were included in the Ultimate Book of Medicine, including methods to cure the spirit. Thus, it wasn’t too surprising that Alex was able to see spirits.
The method he was using had a title as well. It was called Soul Shifting.
“Mr. Coney, come over here.” Alex said.
“Huh?” James immediately approached, he thought that Alex needed help.
However, Alex continued, “Didn’t you learn the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell? I’ll be using that to save her now. Just watch and learn.”
He then started using his Chi and pressed down on the first acupuncture point.
With the training of the Force, his Chi now had the element of electricity.
Cheryl placed a hand to her chest, trying to calm down from anger.
‘Is he really talking to Grandpa in such a tone? That’s just being too arrogant now, isn’t it? Does he really think he’s some sort of legendary doctor?’
She was more annoyed by the fact that she had witnessed him poke his mother in random spots, as if he were just a child messing around. This was all too ridiculous to her.
“Do we not need silver needles?” James was surprised. This was unbelievable to him as well.
He was starting to doubt the young man, thinking that Alex might have a screw loose. He got too excited back then upon hearing the acupuncture method.
“Nope, silver needles are of the lowest rank, I’m using my Chi.” Alex said as he continued poking.
“Alex, stop it, you’re not a doctor. It was pure luck that your mother woke up. You’re just wasting time here. She might be saved if you let me handle this.” Cheryl said loudly.
The kneeling man was shocked. “He… He’s not a doctor?”
Cheryl replied, “No.”
The man was now triggered, he yelled, “You f*cker! Stop touching my daughter if you’re not a doctor! Are you insane? F*ck off!” He then landed a kick on Alex’s waist.
“Don’t touch me, or your daughter will really die. I still have one acupuncture point left.” Alex stayed in position and poked in the middle of the little girl’s chest.
“Argh… I’ll kill you!” The man screamed and swung his arm, about to slap Alex.
However, his attack was blocked. Alex stared at him and said calmly, “Look at your daughter, she has woken up.”


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