The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 390

“Let the feelings of longing travel through the passage of time, let the memories of past
lives sting the hearts of those who love each other, surely, you will also embrace each
other’s strengths…”
The moment the song began, Alex Rockefeller felt a resonance in his mind. An
extremely infectious mental power seemed to have traveled from her body to his. In an
instant, Alex felt a strange sensation. It was as if he could sense her joy, anger and
Most importantly, his own spiritual power had also been strangely activated right then.
For some unknown reason, his spiritual power reached out like a tentacle, craving to get
closer to Zendaya’s mental power. At that moment, the scene turned magical.
It was as if there was a chemical reaction.
When Alex’s spiritual power touched hers, the two suddenly entwined.
Zendaya was still singing and seemed to have entered a strange trance as her song
became even more infectious.
Even she was moved to tears by her own singing. It felt as if she was going through
memories of a past life, living the lyrics of her song, and Alex’s soul resonated with
At one point, the two of them were staring deeply into each other’s eyes as they
embraced each other. This continued until…
Knock, knock…
Someone knocked on the window of the Aston Martin, startling the two back to their
When Alex and Zendaya saw themselves hugging each other with tears in their eyes,
they were both dumbfounded. They quickly let go of one another.
“Hey, are you guys going to leave or not?”
An old man was knocking on the window. He was wearing a red band around his arm,
he was there to collect parking fees.
When Alex and Zendaya got into the car, they didn’t leave for a long time. That was why
the man came over to usher them.
“Yes, we’re leaving right away!” Alex quickly turned on the engine.
“Hey, you haven’t paid yet. It’s been two hours. That’ll be twelve dollars. Are you paying
with cash or e-wallet?”
Zendaya chuckled softly when she saw how flustered Alex was.
When she thought of the moment their souls resonated with each other, Zendaya truly
felt shocked. It was as if the mood of the song had become a real part of her memory
that she really did have a past life, that she was looking for her lover in this lifetime in
the current one, and that her lover happened to be him, Alex Rockefeller.
A seed silently sprouted in her heart.
Meanwhile, Heath Accardo immediately captured Chloe Marionette who had run off
earlier. He wanted to find out more about Alex’s background.
Chloe was kicked to the ground and her ribs were nearly broken. It hurt so much that
her tears and snot were all over her face.
“Mr. Accardo, stop hitting me, please. I’m begging you, please don’t hit me anymore,”
Chloe begged on her knees. She thought about how intimately Heath and her were just
last night. And now he was punching and kicking her. But she didn’t hate Heath.
Instead, she hated Alex, blaming everything that had happened to her on him.
“D*mn. B*tch, I’m asking you. Who exactly is that Rockefeller guy?” Heath asked.
“Alex Rockefeller? He… he’s a college friend of mine. I’m his ex-girlfriend. He’s the son
of Rockefeller Group’s founder, William Rockefeller. Later, he lived with the Ass*x family
as a nanny, and he’s been depending on women to survive… His mother, Brittany
Rockefeller, recently recovered from a coma.” Chloe immediately spilled the beans.
After hearing this, Heath kicked Chloe so hard that she spat out blood. “D*mn. Do you
think I’m an idiot? How could a loser break Mr. Kitagawa’s hand?”
Heath immediately called Frank Accardo on the phone.
“Dad, Mr. Kitagawa’s arm has been broken. William Rockefeller’s son, Alex Rockefeller,
was the one who did it. He seems to know you, and he said he wants an explanation
from you.”
There was the sound of a ‘thud’ from the other end of the call, as if the phone had fallen
to the ground.


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