The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 391

Since they were on the phone, Heath did not know what expression had suddenly
formed on his father’s face. However, after his father picked up the phone again, he had
solemnly warned him that he should not act rashly or try to investigate Alex, let alone
find someone to deal with him. They would talk about it after Frank returned.
It was then that he knew that this Alex whom Chloe called a spineless coward must
have some strong backing to the point that even his father, a formidable person, had a
hint of fear towards him.
“What on earth is going on here, Dad?” Heath was so surprised, but he still couldn’t help
“Don’t ask too much. Just pretend that you never saw that person,” Frank said.
After hanging up the call, Heath felt a chill on his back. He had initially planned to gather
some masters from the Valtameri to bait Alex out and attack him as a group. He
believed that they would be able to take down Alex this way.
Even if he could fight, could he fight against guns?
Fortunately, he hadn’t acted on it yet.
Heath walked back in and gave a hard kick to Chloe’s stomach. “Motherf*cker, bastard,
harbinger of misfortune.”
Then, he turned to several of his subordinates and asked, “Who wants this woman?”
All of his subordinates shook their heads.
Even though she was an extremely beautiful girl, the bad luck that followed her made it
so that they wouldn’t want her even if Heath paid them.
“Do you want to…”
One of his other subordinates made a gesture at his neck, clicking his tongue.
When Chloe saw that, she exclaimed in shock and urinated in fear. She hurriedly laid
herself at Heath Accardo’s feet. “Young Master Accardo, please don’t kill me. Please,
don’ t kill me! I can do anything for you! Dorothy Ass*x!
That’s right, Alex’s wife, Dorothy
is a beauty. Her younger sister is also a beauty, she’s the campus belle. I can help you
get them. They’re a hundred times more beautiful than me, and they’re virgins…”
Heath kicked her in the chest “Who said that I’m going after Alex? Motherf*cker, it’s all
because of you.”
After kicking her continuously over and over again, Chloe finally passed out.
“Find a place and toss her out!”
“You’re not going to kill her?” asked one of his subordinates.
A glint flashed in Heath’s eyes. “She can’t die just yet.”
Her position as Alex’s ex-girlfriend had saved her life.
As for Alex, after he had dropped off Zendaya at a parking lot, he drove home.
When he had resonated with Zendaya’s mental power, he had benefited a lot from it,
and his mental powers had seen a relatively large increase.
That was strange.
Previously when he had listened to her singing in her concert, he never felt anything like
this but when she had sung for him alone, it was obvious that her mental powers were
like a gigantic magnetic field. Unfortunately, Zendaya probably wouldn’t agree to a solo
performance after that ambiguous hug.
His phone rang at this moment, it was a call from Dorothy.
She was having a little tantrum and said, “What have you been busy with these few
days? You didn’t even call me or come home to eat. Do you still even care for this wife
of yours?”
Alex was taken aback for a moment, then silently calculated the timing of her period. It
shouldn’t have come yet!
“My wife, I’m busy making money. It’s not easy work to make you the richest woman in
California.” Alex replied with a smile on his lips.
“Really? Having a date with a shameless female doctor would make me the richest
woman in California?”
Dorothy coldly shot back, and Alex’s car almost hit the railings.
“My wife, have you been listening to your sister’s nonsense again? She doesn’t have a
good impression of us at all, and she just can’t wait for you to divorce me and find a new
husband for you.”
“Did you meet her?”
“Well… I had some serious business.”
“Come and pick me up tonight. I’ll give you a chance to explain it in person. Also, buy a
washboard on the way,” Dorothy said coldly.
“What do you need a washboard for?” Alex asked, shocked. “Don’t we have a washing
machine at home?”
“It’s for you to kneel on!” Dorothy scoffed.
Alex’s face froze for a moment, but then he suddenly recalled that there was actually
something he needed to do tonight, and hurriedly said, “I can’t do tonight, I have an


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