The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 392

“With the female doctor?”
“Of course not. It’s with Jack Trent from Thousand Leaves Construction, the one who
gave us the contract. I have to maintain a good relationship with him, right? I wonder
who I’m doing all of these for, hmm?” he asked, hoping to be given credit for his work.
“Then… Once you’re done, bring a change of clothes.”
“What for?”
“What do you think? To sleepover.”
“I won’t sleep in the housekeeper’s room!”
“Do what you want!”
After hanging up, Alex’s car almost rammed into the car in front of him.
What was that supposed to mean?!
Did that mean they could sleep in the same bed?
F*ck, it’s not that easy to always see the light at the end of the tunnel!
As for the washboard, it was impossible for him to buy one in this day and age…
At 5 o’clock, Alex came to the commendation meeting specially organized by Leanne’s
In order not to draw attention, he had come alone.
Leanne’s company was called Alluring Paradise Clothing, involved in fashion design
and trade. Leanne herself is an excellent fashion designer. After meeting Jack and
receiving his investment, Alluring Paradise Clothing was established. They hadn’t
expected the business to continue growing bigger and bigger to the point where the
business had branches abroad.
That’s why the company had a lot of employees.
Leanne had booked a large buffet restaurant to hold the commendation meeting.
Unexpectedly, he was called before he had even stepped into the entrance.
He turned and saw a beautiful woman wearing glasses and a white shirt, about 5.4 feet
It was obvious that she was the one who called out to him, but there was a hint of
coldness in her eyes.
She behaved as if you must obey her once she’s called you.
Alex was stunned for a moment. Even after taking a good look at her, he couldn’t
recognize who she was. He also didn’t like the look in her eyes.
So, he simply ignored her and continued walking towards the hall with his hands behind
his back.
“Stop!” The woman yelled at him. “Where are you going?
I know that you’ve gone from
being at the top of the young and rich, to the bottom as a discarded and abandoned
piece of trash who doesn’t have any merit to meet people. And don’t you know me?”
Alex was puzzled as he turned around and said, “Do you know me?”
The woman exploded. “F*ck, are you serious? I’m sure you remember Chloe, right? I’m
Megan Tyrell.”
Alex instantly remembered when he heard the name. “Ah, so it’s you!”
It was the girl that had been Chloe’s roommate.
But Alex and Chloe had only been together for a month before they decided that it
wasn’t working out and broke up. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise that he didn’t
remember her roommate, Megan Tyrell.
Megan sighed, making no attempt to hide the contempt she felt. “All this while, you’re
actually working in Alluring Paradise?
I’ve never seen you before. Which department
are you in? Could it be that you’ve not heard of my name, I’m from the secretarial
department. If you have any problems in the future, you can come to me! I’ll help you
solve it, since we’ve known each other before this. Even if you’ve dropped to the bottom
now, you don’t have to have such low self-esteem! How unsightly!”
She continued to blabber on endlessly.
This woman had a real temperament. Although her words weren’t pleasant, the
meaning behind them was sincere, she wanted to help him.
Alex didn’t bother explaining, but only nodded his head. “Okay, I’ll look for you if I need
any help.”
Megan nodded. “Go on in, and remember to come by table No. 3 to have a toast. Have
some confidence, don’t act like some good-for-nothing.”
Alex was speechless.
Since when did he act like he was a good-for-nothing?
At this moment, another woman in an office outfit came by, pointing to Megan. “Meg,
and whoever you are, come help me move some things.”
Megan’s demeanor immediately flipped 180 degrees. With a bright smile on her face,
she said, “Of course, Sister Weber.
I’m very strong after all.”
Alex’s eyes widened, and his laugh almost slipped out.
Megan glared at him. “What are you staring at? Let’s go, we need to move things.”
Alex scratched his nose, then turned to follow her.


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