The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 393

Alex followed, but his eyes kept wandering to Sister Weber’s butt.
He had come to find the person who had placed the parasite on Leanne.
He didn’t plan to spend much effort to do so, expecting the answer to just come to him.
Sure enough, he found the person the moment he arrived.
When Sister Weber had approached them earlier, the parasitic worm that Alex had
placed in a glass bottle in his pocket had reacted fiercely. It started jumping around
inside the bottle, wanting to return its mother’s embrace.
Fortunately, he had made the necessary preparations on the worm.
Even if it was anxious and made any fierce movements, wanting to return its mother,
she would not feel it. Otherwise, Sister Weber, who had the mother parasite in her body,
would have felt it earlier.
“These are the things. Move all the wine and drinks inside. Then, distribute five bottles
of red wine and one box of drinks per table. Don’t mess up.
I will know because you’re
the only one I have asked to do this.”
Sister Weber pointed at the pile of drinks at the entrance, instructing Megan bluntly.
Megan was shocked at the mountain of goods that needed to be moved. “This is a bit
too much, Sister Weber. Let me call some male colleagues to help. It would be faster
that way.”
Sister Weber glared at her. “Why would you need to look for others? It’s just some wine
and drinks.
Didn’t you say that you’re quite strong? If you can’t even do these little
things well, how will you hope to play a bigger role in the secretarial department? Just
the two of you is enough. Hurry up and get moving. If you don’t complete this task, the
consequences won’t be pleasant.”
Having said that, she turned around, her hips swaying just as they did when she first
walked in.
Megan was close to tears.
“How can we move this many boxes by ourselves? And she
didn’t even allow us to get more help. What did she mean by that?”
Alex looked at Sister Weber as she walked away with a frosty look.
He had previously suspected the person who planted the parasite on Leanne to be a
man because it was the kind of spell usually done between lovers.
He didn’t expect the culprit to be a woman instead.
Was it possible that there was something between Sister Weber and Leanne?
The other possibility was that there was something between Sister Weber and Jack.
“Can’t you see it, Megan? You’re being targeted. Did you have some disagreement with
her before? Who is she?” Alex asked calmly.
“Don’t you know who she is? Did you just join the company recently?” Megan said
suspiciously. “She’s the first secretary of Alluring Paradise, and Miss Leane’s right hand.
She’s practically Miss Leanne’s favourite, and is an amazing person… Alex, I’m sure
you would have known this. Don’t offend her, otherwise, even I can’t save you.”
Alex was speechless. “You don’t seem able to protect yourself. If I remain next to you,
I’m sure I’ll also be targeted by her. Seems like it’s better if I don’t go to your table to
toast with you later.”
Megan shot him a cold look, but she had nothing better to say.
Instead, Alex started asking her about Sister Weber. Alex soon found out that Sister
Weber’s name is Cindy Weber. Apart from being first secretary, she was also an
executive director of the company, second only to the chairman. She was someone who
did things swiftly and decisively. Many people in the company were afraid of her.
Then, she asked, “Why are you asking for such details? You can’t possibly be interested
in her?”
Alex scoffed lightly. “No way. Not in the slightest.”
At this time, he saw Jack walking over. Not wanting to expose his identity in front of
Megan, he quickly said, “Oh, I really need to pee. You start moving the things first, I
have to go.”
Having said that, he turned around and left.
He didn’t want to expose his identity because he wanted to find out if Cindy was alone,
or if she had accomplices.
Megan was anxious. “Hey, seriously? Moving all these by myself?”
Soon, Jack quietly followed him into the washroom.
“Mr. Alex!”
“Mr. Jack, just pretend you don’t know me for the time being, and treat me like an
employee of your company.
I’ll check once more. Rest assured, I already have a lead.”
When Jack heard this, he was overjoyed.
Alex entered the hall and walked around the place, appearing casual but silently alert.
Suddenly, a loud sound rang out and the crowd cried out in surprise.


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