The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 394

Alex took a closer look and found that it was Megan. She had been carrying a box of
red wine, but had accidentally tripped and fallen.
Coincidentally, after the wine bottles broke, some of the liquid splashed against Cindy‘s
white heels.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Sister Weber. I didn’t mean it. ” Megan apologized in a hurry.
Cindy slapped Megan in the face.
“Are you kidding me?
You can’t even handle a few bottles of wine? What use is there for
the company to keep you? Or did you do it deliberately? Did you hold a grudge against
me for making you move the beverages for you to pretend to slip? Did you want to
crush me to death with it? Get out of my sight. You don’t have to come to work anymore
tomorrow.” Cindy didn’t spare
Megan any mercy at all as she slapped her again.
Everyone present couldn’t bear to watch the scene unfold, but none of them dared to
interfere either. Everyone knew Cindy’s temper. If you dared to interfere, she would also
make you cry.
Just then, a hand shot out to grab Cindy’s wrist just as she raised her hand to deliver
another slap.
Obviously, it was Alex.
“Who are you?
How dare you touch me! Let go, or are you tired of working here
already? You’re fired!” Cindy said furiously as she scolded Alex.
Megan pulled on Alex, telling him not to do anything rash.
However, Alex ignored all of it, looking at Cindy with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.
“There is someone who will be fired indeed, but that person isn’t me, it’s you!”
Everyone present was stunned, and they looked at Alex as if he was a lunatic.
Some were even whispering to each other, “Who is this person? How can he be such
an idiot Ihat he even dares to mess with Secretary Weber?”
“Who knows?”
“Maybe he got too excited? Could he be Secretary Tyrell’s boyfriend? Is that why he
stood up for her?”
Cindy was so angry, she laughed. “Fire me? What a joke. Are you out of your mind?”
As for Megan, she let out an anguished sigh in her heart. If he just let things be, she
could probably still have a chance to keep her job. But after Alex stepped in and caused
this ruckus, Cindy would definitely not let her off.
It was obvious that she would be fired.
Since it would have happened anyway, she pulled Alex away and faced Cindy. “This has
nothing to do with him, Secretary Weber. If you have any grievances towards me, then
come at me alone!
If you want to fire me, then fine, I’ll acknowledge it! I don’t want to
work here any longer with a person like you in the company anyway!”
“The reason I fell wasn’t because I was careless, but it was because I really can’t move
the things anymore. You asked me, a woman, to move so many boxes of wine, and
didn’t allow me to call for help at all. Did you have a hidden agenda? When have I
offended you?”
Megan’s words made everyone focused on Cindy suddenly.
However, Cindy didn’t feel any shame for being exposed at all. Instead, she said,
“That’s right, I was targeting you. I don’t like the looks of you, so what about it? The
secretarial department belongs to me, Cindy Weber. I’m warning you, stay away from
Chairman Graves! Forget it, get out of my sight. You can head to the company to pack
your things and hand in your resignation tomorrow. You don’t need to attend the
banquet tonight either. Get lost!”
“Fine, I’ll leave, did you think I like it here?”
Megan was about to turn around, intending to leave with a huff.
However, Alex pulled her back. “The one who has to leave is her, not you.”
Everyone sighed again. Was this person insane?
Who the heck was he?
Megan sighed, and said to Alex, “I know you’re reluctant to leave this job. I’m sorry, you
may also be fired by this stinking lady because of me! But it doesn’t matter, I’ll introduce
you to a better one.”
Cindy snorted coldly. “Megan Tyrell, you’re too naive. No other company will hire you in
the future. I’ll make sure you won’t be able to live your life in California.”
All the employees watching were shocked, their eyes full of sympathy as they turned to
look at Megan.
Just then, a voice came from the background.
“Oh, really? It seems that the person who won’t be able to continue living here should
be you!”
“Cindy Weber, you’re fired!”
Jack and Leanne walked over together, looking at Cindy with cold eyes.


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