The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 395

“It’s Miss Leanne! What did she say just now?”
“The one who’s fired isn’t Megan, it’s… It’s Cindy!”
At that moment, everyone was stunned speechless.
No one could figure out what had happened. Cindy was Leanne’s favourite. They even
heard that Cindy had saved Leanne’s life before, hence the rumors of Cindy owning half
the shares of Alluring Paradise. Usually, the two got on well enough that they seemed to
be of one mind.
For her to suddenly say that Cindy was fired was completely unbelievable.
“Miss Leanne, are you mistaken?” Cindy was also stunned. “How could the one who’s
getting fired be me?”
Jack said coldly, “It is you, Cindy Weber. From now on, you’re fired.”
He repeated his earlier words.
Everyone finally heard it crystal clear that it was indeed Cindy that had been fired.
Megan was as shocked as everyone else. This scene was just too unexpected!
Cindy stared at Jack, then burst out laughing suddenly.
“Who do you think you are, Jack? What right do you have to fire me? You’re just Miss
Leanne’s husband, one who can’t even make her pregnant, I might add. You’re not
qualified to fire me!”
As soon as she said this, everyone was stunned. They looked at Jack with weird
expressions on their faces.
No man could bear this kind of insult.
Jack’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pot in an instant.
Leanne suddenly slapped Cindy, her eyes chillingly cold as she said, “Wouldn’t you
know the reason I can’t get pregnant until now, Cindy? Whatever my husband said is
also with my agreement. Let me repeat this, you are fired!”
Cindy’s face changed drastically, her head snapping to look at Leanne. In the
next moment, she pursed her lips and softly whistled a sound.
Many people were confused. Was it possible that Cindy had lost her mind from the
shock of getting fired? She was actually whistling at this time, how incredible.
Of course, this was no ordinary whistling. It was a special sound to control the worm.
With the existence of the parasite, not only could it prevent the woman from getting
pregnant, but the one who held the mother parasite could use different sounds to drive
the child parasite into movements. For example, biting.
The person with the parasite would start to feel unimaginable pain, to a point where they
would have to obediently obey orders.
However… Nothing happened!
Leanne stood there quietly, her cold eyes looking at Cindy indifferently.
“How is that possible? How could this be?”
Cold sweat broke out on Cindy’s forehead. She whistled harder once again.
Just then, Alex pulled out the bottle from his pocket. The worm inside was wriggling
around frantically.
“Is this the thing you’re trying to call out to?”
When Cindy caught sight of it, her mind buzzed and she looked like she was about to
Everyone was horrified especially the women when they saw such a disgusting and
terrifying worm. They quickly covered her mouths, exclaiming in surprise.
“This… What is that?!”
“It’s so disgusting, I’m getting goosebumps!”
Cindy violently made a grab for the bottle.
Alex drew back his hand instantly and directly landed a hit on Cindy’s neck in the next
second, knocking her out immediately.
Ignoring everyone’s surprise, Alex picked Cindy up and walked out towards the


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