The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 396

“Hey, where are you going, Alex? Why are you carrying her away?” Megan cried out in
surprise and hurriedly chased after him.
In fact, everyone also looked equally as confused. No one understood why Alex
suddenly brought out that disgusting bug and knocked Cindy out. It really puzzled them.
Leanne suddenly opened her mouth to speak at this moment, “Meg, you know Mr.
‘Mr. Alex?’
Megan nodded without much thought. “We… Used to be college mates. He didn’t mean
it, he was only trying to help me.”
Leanne’s eyes softened, then she patted Megan on the shoulder as she nodded. “Ah,
so you’re Mr. Alex’s classmate. You’ll be the first secretary from now on. Help me host
the commendation meeting matters. I have something to settle with Mr. Alex, I’ll be back
in a bit.”
Megan’s eyes widened she thought that she was dreaming.
It wasn’t until this moment that she realized that Alex wasn’t an employee of AlluringParadise, but that he and the married couple had been working together to handle
Cindy Weber. This guy actually lied to her about being an employee and she was idiotic
enough to fall for it. How hateful!
‘But didn’t he fall into such disgrace that he had to work as a housekeeper in his
mother-in-law’s house? Are the rumors untrue after all?’
Alex threw Cindy onto a bed. The proud figure bounced on the bed and almost fell off.
This woke her up from her unconsciousness.
They were in a room that Jack had reserved, just below where the commendation
meeting of the company was being held.
Jack rushed forward and delivered a slap to Cindy’s face. It was followed by a round of
punches and kicks. Previously, he had held back because they were in front of the
company employees.
Now that there was no one else around, he no longer needed to
hold back.
In just a few moments, the beautiful woman had been beaten up and bruised all over
her face.
“Tell us, why would you plant that parasite in Leanne? She’s always treated you well!”
However, Cindy ignored Jack.
It was as though the blows landed on her body didn’t hurt at all.
In the end, Alex took action. With his Soul Banishing Touch, she only lasted a few
seconds before spilling everything truthfully.
But her confession was unacceptable to Leanne. Her reason was that she loved her!
“Oh!” Alex’s mouth was wide opened as he stared at Cindy, before turning his gaze
towards Leanne with a strange expression on his face.
To be honest, putting aside the various aura that surrounded them, the two were
beauties who were eagerly pursued by men.
It was a pity that something had gone
differently with Cindy’s orientation. Cindy continued her confession with a melodramatic
But Alex was no longer interested in hearing more about her twisted and obsessive
love. He smashed the glass bottle in his hand. Including the parasite that had been in
Cindy spat out a mouthful of blood and rolled around the bed before finally falling to the
ground, wailing the entire time.
With the child parasite dead, the mother parasite rebelled and started biting its host-she
had lost at least half her life.
“Chairman Trent, Mrs. Leanne, I leave the rest to you! I still have something to settle, so
I’ll be leaving!”
Leanne quickly reached out to stop him. “You haven’t even eaten anything, how could
you leave? Come, you’re my benefactor, Mr. Alex! The banquet hall is too noisy so I’ve
reserved a private room downstairs. It’s a nice restaurant there, let’s head down and eat
Alex nodded gently, seeing that he would be unable to refuse.
Half an hour later, he was full with wine and food. Needing to answer the call of nature,
Alex ran to the washroom. As he was bent down in the cubicle, he unexpectedly heard
someone on the phone.
He ignored it at first, but when he heard the name ‘Dorothy Ass*x’, he perked up and
listened intently.
“… Yes, Beatrice Ass*x drank quite a lot. She’s not drunk yet, though she’s quite
bewitched by Mask.”
“The moment she heard it was news about Mask, she immediately agreed.”
“Brother Spark, are you ready? When you are, I’ll bring her up to meet you. Heh, could I
have a little taste too? I also have… A very good impression of her.”


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