The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 397

After listening to the call from the man in the next cubicle, Alex’s face turned solemn
immediately. How despicable and shameless!
Beatrice is his sister-in-law, and although she had many flaws, she was still family. How
could he stand by and watch her be ruined?
The main point here though, is that she had been deceived because of his alias, ‘Mask’.
‘Seriously, I’m just speechless! To be obsessed to this extent, what else can I say about
Alex didn’t make a sound and waited until the guy left. He didn’t act yet because the
volume of the voice from the phone was soft. It would have been difficult for ordinary
people to hear the conversation. However, for an expert like Alex, it was not a problem
at all.
Through the crack in the door, he saw that the man was the groupie who had been with
Beatrice before.
At the same time, two men were in room 0804 of the same building…
One of them was Alex’s former cousin, Spark Rockefeller.
If Alex could see him now, he would definitely be shocked because Spark was
supposed to be sitting in a prison cell right now. He didn’t know that the case had not
been handed over to the Divine Constabulary, but to the ordinary officials instead. To the
Rockefeller family, this meant that there were many loopholes to be exploited.
They found someone to take the blame for the crime committed, stating that the account
had been stolen and used. If that hadn’t worked, it was easy enough to forge a proof of
certificate for a mental disorder.
Spark looked at the cameras that had been set up and coldly said to the man beside
him, “Once I’m done playing, I’ll give her to you. Oh, Alex’s sister-in-law, I’m sure it’ll be
There was an extremely bitter expression on his face. Whenever he thought about Alex,
pain would shoot through his body, especially his back. Because of the ten days he
spent in jail, he had suffered unprecedented torture. This had caused him to suffer a
pain that he would never forget in his entire life.
“As long as any woman has a shred of connection to Alex, I will sleep with them one by
one and take a video of it. Then, I’ll send it to him. I’m sure the expression on his face
will be very entertaining.
“Unfortunately, his wife stays at the company everyday. There isn’t even a chance to
catch her. How vexing!”
The man next to him was a fighter that his father had hired at a very high price. Hearing
those words, he said, “Young Master Rockefeller, don’t worry. I think it won’t be long
before you get what you want. In addition, I think his mother-in-law is also very
beautiful. It’s possible that she would be even more satisfying than Beatrice Ass*x.”
When Spark heard that, an evil spread across his face, like a hungry wolf.
“So that’s the kind you like, eh? Good, that’s not a problem!”
He wondered, what would happen once he had all three of the Ass*x ladies brought
down together when the time comes?
Alex would be so angry that he would throw up blood! He wanted Alex to live the
remainder of his life in sorrow and regret from now on.
At the same time, in a certain private room in the restaurant, Beatrice’s face was flushed
from all the wine that she had drank.
Mona Weiss was also with her.
The other two were Zendaya’s fans, one was Harry Trump, while the other was
Yeferson. They were both from Michigan University.
“Of course I’m not lying to you, Beatrice.
I was only able to contact Mask through my
brother’s connection. You know that my cousin is from one of the army’s secret
departments. It turns out that they’re working in the same unit.
“Come on, hurry up. Mask is really busy, once he sees you, he’s going to leave.”
The man named Yeferson was trying his best to persuade Beatrice.
It was also the same man who was on the phone in the washroom before.


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