The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 398

Beatrice was feeling dizzy. When she recalled the heroic image of Mask saving her, she
became even more drunk. “Alright, I’ll go with you now.”
Beatrice followed Yeferson out of the room.
Only Mona and Harry were left.
Harry was more of an honest person, so he was nervous and said anxiously, “Won’t this
be bad if we do this, Mona?
Something big may happen when the time comes.”
Mona hesitated for a moment, then tapped on the message that she had just received,
in forming her that she had just received half a million, before saying, “Why does it
matter? Beatrice is almost out of her mind because of that Mask. Letting her lose out
once will be good for her. It’ll keep her grounded without any of that fanciful thoughts
and make her forget about Mask!
It’s better if you think about how you want to spend
the money we just received. Didn’t you want to buy a car?”
Harry immediately started laughing he heard her.
Beatrice followed Yeferson to the door of room 0804. She was super excited on the
inside, what should she say first on their meeting?
However, the wine made it hard for her to think of anything at all.
She even felt that her body was unusually warm, like a fire was burning in the area
under her belly.
She didn’t care though, because she was going to see Mask soon, and the excitement
overtook everything else she was feeling.
But she would never have expected that her own best friend had sold her out. A drug
had been mixed into the wine that she drank.
Just then, the door to the room opened.
Spark, who was wearing a mask, stood at the door.
“B-Brother… Mask? I…” Beatrice stammered nervously. Because Spark had
deliberately dressed up as Mask, coupled with the effect of the drug and alcohol, she
was completely unable to tell the difference.
“That’s me. You’re here, come in!” Spark smiled, Beatrice looked even more attractive in
her drunken state, and he couldn’t wait to start rubbing against her on the ground all
night long. But he needed to restrain himself at this moment.
He needed to properly play
with her, and make sure to take all the pictures too.
He waved his hand, signaling for Yeferson to leave.
Although Yeferson really wanted to stay on and participate in the next part of the game,
he could only leave when Spark didn’t say anything further.
When Beatrice entered the room, she caught sight of the cameras that had been set up,
and was stunned for a moment. However, she didn’t think much of it, immediately
saying, “Brother Mask, I… My name is Beatrice Ass*x. Thank you for saving me in the
last concert.
I… I’m here to thank you.”
“Well, it was just a small matter. Don’t worry about it.”
Once he had played the role of Mask and watched Beatrice slowly enter this state, he
finally dropped all pretenses, pushing her onto the bed as he jumped on top of her.
“Ah, what are you doing? Let go of me!”
“What am I doing? Don’t you love me? I just want to love you properly… Isn’t it great
that I’m fulfilling your wishes?” Spark roared with laughter.
“What? How could you do this… Ah, no! You’re not Brother Mask!”
“I’m wearing a mask, so I am Mask. Little beauty, don’t you feel hot? Don’t you feel
desperate for the touch of a man? I’ll tell you the truth, you’ve already been drugged,
and it’s too late to regret it now. It’ll creep up onto you soon enough. I heard that you’re
virgin too, fabulous.”
A buzzing sound was echoing in Beatrice’s mind, she couldn’t accept what was
She struggled frantically, but she could feel her strength waning. Instead, the desire in
her heart had been amplified, and some part of her actually felt that Spark was Mask.
“No! No!” The last shred of reasoning made her shake her head and struggle harder as
tears of regret sliding down her eyes silently.
She knew that she was going to give in to her fate soon with no way to escape.
Spark got even more excited. He tore off Beatrice’s jacket easily, and was about to pull
off her pants when suddenly, a faint voice spoke, “Did you get a kick out of playing


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