The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 399

Spark was shocked, and his head whizzed around to look behind him only to find a
masked figure looking at him coldly as he stood next to the camera.
“Y-You…who are you?!”
The excitement in Spark died out immediately, like a flame that had been extinguished.
His eyes were glancing around, looking for someone, for his bodyguard.
His bodyguard should obviously be in the washroom, but how had he not come out yet?
Why wasn’t he reacting?
“You’re pretending to be me, and you’re asking who I am?”
Alex raised his leg, kicking Spark and sending him somersaulting through the air. His
body hit the bedside table and blood flowed freely from his forehead.
Beatrice struggled to get up. When she caught sight of another Mask, her mind was
even more jumbled.
“You… Are you the real Brother Mask?”
Alex’s brows furrowed, and he nodded. He didn’t want her to know that he was Mask.
He had planned to let Spark play pretend as Mask for a bit, deliberately making her
suffer a certain degree of persecution and fear. Let her learn her lesson.
Only then did he make his appearance.
“That’s great, Brother Mask, I…”
The effect of the drug burst out suddenly. She started to lunge towards the real Mask.
She hugged him fiercely, pursing her red lips.
Alex was completely merciless, and slapped Beatrice on her face.
“Huh? Why did you hit me?” Beatrice’s mind started to clear up.
“Because you’ve been drugged, and you’re confused. I’m waking you up.”
Beatrice’s eyes were rimmed red, and her face felt hot as she lowered her head. “Oh,
thank you.”
Alex shook his head. This time, he knocked her out.
Spark clutched his bleeding forehead, his face full of dread as he shouted loudly, “Ah Jones! Brother Jones! Come out!”
He was shouting for his bodyguard.
“Are you talking about the guy in the washroom? Sorry, he’s dead!” Alex said
nonchalantly, taking off his mask as he did so.
“Alex? It’s… It’s you!”
Spark almost started freaking out the moment he saw Alex’s face.
“You’re the Mask at Zendaya’s concert?”
He really hadn’t expected this. How could there be such coincidences in the world? So,
the man that Beatrice had been going on and on about was actually her own
Alex didn’t deny or admit it. He only shook his head and said, “Spark, I thought you
were in prison for a time. Since we’re family, I was lenient to you, giving you back your
life temporarily. Unfortunately, it seems that you don’t know how to cherish that, and
once again, you’ve done something that deserves death.”
Alex sighed, then continued bluntly, “Let’s do it this way, then. I’ll let you choose how
you want to die!”
He had heard everything clearly.
Spark had plans not only to deal with Beatrice, but also Dorothy and Claire. How could
this threat be allowed to live?
Spark was in complete panic right now!
He knew that Alex’s strength and martial arts skills were not something he could ever
hope to overcome.
He knelt on the ground, bitter tears leaking from his eyes. “Spare my life, Alex. I know I
was wrong, I really know that. My obsession with revenge blinded me, please spare me.
I… I’ll be your lap dog in the future, I won’t even think of going against anything you ask
me to do… I’ll also give you back Rockefeller Group, I’ll give everything back, okay?”
Alex shook his head. “It’s too late!”
Seeing that the expression on Alex’s face remained unchanged and his heart was
already determined, Spark jumped up and said, “Do you really dare to kill me, Alex?
Don’t forget that society is under the rule of law, and this is a hotel. There are cameras
everywhere. If you kill me, you’ll be sentenced to death too.”
“Are those your last words?”
Once Alex finished speaking, he glanced at Beatrice.
Although she had been knocked out, the effect of the drug was still in her body and had
not been removed. If the drug remained in her body for a long time, it would cause
problems in the future.
Spark took the chance while his attention was elsewhere to run out.


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