The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 4

Alex was stunned as he did not expect her to show up. “Why are you here?”
Lady Dorothy looked at Chloe, then at Alex, with sadness in her eyes and said, “I have already deposited half a million dollars in your account, that is all I can do.”
Alex was surprised, “Where did you get the money? Did you get it from Spark? Dorothy, you cannot take the money. What will happen to us after taking his money? Moreover, I have the money, more than you can imagine. I can take care of your problem.”
Dorothy slapped Alex across his face and said, “Was ten months of day-dreaming not enough for you? Can you stop this nonsense? Forget it and do as you please. Tomorrow, we will go our separate ways!”
After she’s done speaking, Dorothy turned around and left the hospital abruptly.
Alex tried to chase after her but was stopped by Chloe. She had a vile smile on her face. “Oh my, what is going on here? Why is your cousin, Spark, involved? Could it be that Dorothy wanted to help you and decided to earn the money by spending a night with Spark? Oh my, this is such a great comedy!”
Alex slapped Chloe in the face. “I will kill you if you keep spouting nonsense!”
“How dare you slap me!” Chloe said as she rushed at Alex.
The head nurse who saw what was going on rushed over and stopped Chloe. “What are you two doing? Hold your horses, Chloe. Fighting in this hospital? Do you want me to fire you?”
After being reprimanded by the head nurse, Chloe came to her senses, she pointed at Alex and said, “This bastard slapped me! Why can’t I reciprocate?”
The head nurse knew Alex. She asked, “Why did you hit her?”
Alex pointed at his mother and coldly said, “She left my mother here like a piece of garbage, and you dare to ask me why? There’s no reason for her to just leave my mother here! She’s human, not trash. I know that there’s no more money in my payment account, but it does not mean that I can’t afford to pay any longer.”
The head nurse just only realized Lady Brittany was left in the corridor.
She was furious and screamed. “What in the world are you doing Chloe? Who gave you the authority to do this? Apologize to Mr. Alex and immediately return the patient to the ward.”
Chloe wouldn’t dare to defy the head nurse, so she could only obediently apologize and bring Lady Brittany back to her ward.
Alex then went to find his mother’s primary physician to arrange for the surgery as soon as possible.
Lady Brittany’s primary doctor was Dr. Cheryl and she was only twenty-six years old. Yet, she was already a renowned doctor with a great track record. She was the granddaughter of California’s famous genius Dr. James Coney. Not only was she smart, she also had looks that would bring Troy to its knees.
Alex was feeling anxious and troubled not only about the condition of his mother, but as well as the troubles that Dorothy was facing.
Without a thought, he stormed into Dr. Cheryl’s office without knocking and was shocked to see a beautiful woman with skin as fair as Snow White changing her clothes. Her hourglass figure captivated him. Their eyes met and locked for a full three seconds before the woman could let out a scream. She quickly covered her body with her medical gown.
“I’m so sorry Dr. Cheryl! I swear it is not intentional. I’m no peeping tom.” Alex apologized profusely. He hastily turned around and closed the door.
The beautiful woman was Doctor Cheryl Coney, his mother’s primary physician. She was changing her clothes as she was getting ready to get off work. Leaning against the door, Alex patted his chest and gasped. The scene that he just saw was still lingering in his mind, muttering to himself, “Such a beautiful figure…”
Suddenly, the door swung open and Alex almost fell on the ground face first. Then he saw Dr. Cheryl’s mesmerizing face staring angrily at him. “What were you saying?” Dr. Cheryl asked.
“Ah, that…” Alex was dumbfounded. He couldn’t remember what important business he had with Dr. Cheryl. “Dr. Cheryl, I was going to say was that idiot of a nurse Chloe left my mother in the corridor. If anything happened to my mother, I want her to pay me back with her life.”
With that, he succeeded in capturing Dr. Cheryl’s attention.
She was surprised and said, “That happened?”
She quickly ran over to the ward and saw Lady Brittany was being brought back to the ward. She immediately yelled at Nurse Chloe. Throughout the incident, Chloe’s head stayed low and she dared not to say a single word. Then, Dr. Cheryl checked on Lady Brittany’s condition and said to Alex, “In light of your mother’s condition, my recommendation is that we have the surgery as soon as possible. Do you have the money? If you are facing difficulties, I can lend you the money.”
“Ah, there’s no need to do that. I have the money. Thank you, Dr. Cheryl.”
Alex didn’t expect that Dr. Cheryl would be kind enough to do that. Half a million dollars was no small sum, even for a famous doctor like her.
Chloe who overheard the conversation was also shocked and thought to herself, “Is Dr. Cheryl stupid? She offered to lend money to this garbage, what does she see in him?”
Dr. Cheryl answered, “Great! I’m glad to hear that. I will arrange for your mother’s surgery the first thing in the morning tomorrow.”
“Thank you!” Alex gratefully said.
“Follow me, let’s discuss some of the details to prepare for tomorrow’s operation.” Dr. Cheryl told Alex and they both left the ward. She mumbled on and on, mostly about the preparations needed before and after the surgery, time arrangements and finally said, “Please be early for tomorrow. There’s nothing to worry about. I will personally do the surgery. The success rate is very high! Moreover…”
Alex was listening attentively. Dr. Cheryl suddenly whispered in his ears, “Forget the image you saw in my office! Or I’ll make you pay!” Alex nodded promptly signing to show that he’ll make sure that the matter will only be between them. “Go away!” she continued.
Dr. Cheryl watched as Alex went back to his mother’s ward, and she sighed.
Of course, she did not fall for him, but was deeply touched by his filial piety. Over the past ten months, Alex had visited his mother every single day without fail. She knew only a few people would be able to do that.
Soon, Alex ran to the payment counter to prepay one million dollars to the hospital for his mother’s medical expenses.
The transaction went through without a hitch. Alex felt surreal when he took back the ATM card. Just like that, his life took another great turn. He was a master once again. Only this time, he’s even richer than he used to be.
“Spark, just you wait. How dare you have such thoughts about my wife! I will show you no mercy!”
While he thought of Spark, he remembered that Dorothy gave him the money for his mother’s medical bills.
He took Spark’s money, that despicable Spark! Was he taking the opportunity to sleep with her?
“Damn it!”
The thought of it filled him with rage. He quickly called Dorothy but her mobile phone was turned off. He felt that something was off. He immediately rang Madame Claire, “Mom, is Dorothy home?”
Madame Claire was furious when she heard his voice. “Dorothy is none of your business! You still have the audacity to call me? Don’t ever look for us again under any circumstances.”
“Mom, you cannot let Dorothy and Spark be together. I will take care of the money problem as well as Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Please leave them to me!”
“Don’t make such ridiculous promises!” Madame Claire angrily said, “If you can take care of these problems, pigs might fly. Let me be clear, Spark is my son-in-law, Dorothy and Spark are spending the night. You are nothing but a cuckold.”
Alex’s felt as if his brain exploded upon hearing this. He felt disoriented as if the world was spinning under his feet. Madame Claire had hung up the phone. Alex felt like his soul had left him. Although he was rich once again, it all meant nothing if Dorothy was not with him.


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