The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 40

Everyone stared at the little girl.
Her eyelashes fluttered gently as she slowly opened her eyes.
She actually woke up.
Cheryl’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
However, after waking up, the little girl felt extremely uncomfortable. She placed both of her hands on her neck area as if she was suffocating.
“There’s something in her throat. It’s still stuck!” James said panickedly.
“Let me handle this!” Alex said and pressed his hand against the little girl’s chest. He lightly poked on her chest again, as if he were playing a lute.
Cheryl recognized this method. Alex had massaged his mother’s limbs the same.
With a loud thud, Alex pressed down hard on the little girl’s chest. An object flew out of her mouth as she spat it out.
It was a kumquat.
The man suddenly remembered something and exclaimed. “It’s the mountain hawthorn. I bought some for Zoey a while ago. I thought she had finished it earlier. I didn’t think it…”
Alex said, “It was stuck too deep in her throat so it couldn’t be slapped out. No matter, everything’s fine now.”
As expected, the little girl was able to breathe normally again. Her cheeks were slightly flushed as well. She turned to the man. “Papa!”
The man hugged his daughter tightly. He thought that he had lost her. He sobbed uncontrollably as mixed emotions welled up in his heart.
Alex turned to James. “Did you catch that, old man?”
James seemed exceptionally excited. His eyes lit up. “It… It really is the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell! God, I didn’t think I’d be able to witness it firsthand in this lifetime! I can die in peace now! But… I’m old, my eyes aren’t all that well. You were doing it a little too fast, so I…”
Alex smiled, noticing that there were a pen and a few pieces of paper lying on the office desk.
He walked over and immediately wrote on a random piece of paper.
In just two minutes, he was done writing.
Alex handed James the piece of paper and said, “Here you go.”
James retrieved it and examined it. His lower lip trembled in shock. “This… This is the full version of the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell? You…You’re just going to give it to me?”
Every doctor would only hope to get their hands on such a mystical acupuncture method—it was priceless!
How could this man just give it out like that? Was he a spendthrift?
Alex didn’t mind at all. The Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell was just an insignificant method within the larger Ultimate Book of Medicine. All of this information came to him for free as well, hence he didn’t think to keep all of this to himself.
He said, “Old man, you’re the legendary doctor of California. You’ve saved countless lives. If I gave this acupuncture method to you, more people could be saved. So, why shouldn’t I give it to you? You can teach it to Dr. Cheryl Coney too.”
James was old. But, he dropped to his knees and thanked Alex. “I, James Coney, am forever grateful to you for entrusting me with this knowledge. I have nothing much to offer, but I thank you on the behalf of everyone else who is in need as well. Thank you, young man, for your generosity.”
“Oh please, don’t kneel for me, old man. Get up, please, you really don’t have to thank me.” Alex said as he helped James up.
The little girl’s father was incredibly thankful towards Alex as well.
He felt especially regretful that he had just kicked Alex in the waist. He felt so embarrassed.
“Young doctor, I’m so sorry for my behavior just a while ago. You saved my daughter; you revived her; you basically saved my whole family! I should be damned for life, to think that I wanted to beat you up! Oh, I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Charles Carter, from Waylon Realty…”
Before he could finish his sentence, Alex interrupted. “Please, don’t blame yourself. I understand how you felt. Your daughter just woke up, so you have to take better care of her now! Sir, Dr. Coney, if you will please excuse me, I have to go visit my mom in the hospital now.”
He turned around and left the clinic so quickly James couldn’t even catch up to him.
Charles froze. “Oh no, I forgot to ask for the young doctor’s name. I have to repay him for saving my daughter somehow! Dr. Coney, you know him, right?”
James looked towards Cheryl.
Cheryl replied, “He’s the son of the founder of Rockefeller Group. His name is Alex Rockefeller.”
Charles was stunned. “Huh? That was him?”
James immediately chimed in as well. “Cherry, you should catch up to him! We can’t just receive from him like this, we have to repay him too!”


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