The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 400

Alex reached out into the empty air, gathering his Chi and grabbed Spark directly
through the air and pulled him back. Then, he used the palm of his hand to lightly tap
Spark’s head.
Spark groaned softly, falling to the ground. He wasn’t hurt on the outside, but the tissues
in his brain had been completely destroyed before he breathed his last breath.
“Since we’re relatives, I’ll give you an easy death! Farewell!”
Alex beheaded Spark with a single blow indifferently.
This wasn’t the first time he had killed someone, and it seemed to have become a
common occurrence.
Then, he gave Anna a call. “I have something that I need your help with. I just killed two
The way he said it sounded like it had been as easy as slaughtering two chickens.
The problem was, when Anna received the call, she was in the shower. Her mood
plummeted immediately. “Are you serious? You just killed two people and you’re telling
me that?
Can’ t you handle it yourself?”
“No,” Alex said.
“I’m not free right now, I’m taking a shower,” Anna replied.
Alex was speechless. “You can take a shower later.”
“I hate it the most when someone bothers me while I’m taking a shower.”
“Could it be that you’re having some personal me time during your shower?” Alex
couldn’t stop the images that appeared in his mind, his breath becoming laboured
Before Anna could explode, he quickly threw an incentive out. “I can
improve your Dragon-Tusk Punch.”
There was silence from the other side for two minutes before Anna finally said, “Give
me the address, I’ll be there soon.”
Then, the call was cut off.
Alex put on the mask once again and helped Beatrice get dressed.
In the past, he had occasionally seen her wearing s*xy pajamas, but it was a rare sight
now. He couldn’t help but admit that the two Ass*x sisters have definitely inherited all
the good points that Claire had. There was no doubt as to why she was called the
campus belle.
As for her bust…
Well, Alex had washed her clothes countless times, so he was extremely familiar with it.
Even the one she was wearing right now was one that he remembered very well and
had hand washed before.
After taking a look at her, he didn’t dare to waste anymore time and quickly helped her
get rid of the drug in her body.
Just then, he heard movement outside the door. He thought it was Anna who had
reached quickly. But when he opened the door, Yeferson fell in.
“Ah, Brother Spark. Are you done?”
He thought Alex was Spark, since they both wore masks.
“Yup!” A cold glint came from Alex’s eyes.
“Then, could you let me have a round?”
Alex nodded, opening the door fully.
Yeferson was overjoyed as he crab walked sideways into the room.
Then, he saw Spark lying on the ground. “Y-You’re not Brother Spark. Who are you?”
Alex calmly said, “Weren’t you trying to help Beatrice look for me? Well, here I am.”
Alex pointed to Beatrice. “Do you still want a go?”
Yeferson was tongue tied. “A… A…”
Alex casually patted him with his palm, his eyes cold and sharp as a knife. “I’ll send you
Ten minutes later, Anna arrived. She had also brought with her a few members of the
Divine Constabulary. Her hair was still dripping wet.
‘She really was taking a shower just now,’ Alex thought to himself.
“Huh? Didn’t you say there were two? Why is there an extra one now?”
“Hades wanted to take him, what else could I do?” Alex shrugged.
After learning what had transpired here, Anna cursed loudly. For women, these types of
low life scum were what they hated the most. Then, she said, “Fine, I’ll deal with things
here. Take her with you when you leave. Oh, and remember your promise.”
“While you’re dealing with things, I’ll take her off your hands then!”
Anna nodded.
Half an hour later, Beatrice woke up and found herself lying in the courtyard of her villa
with a letter on her body.


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