The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 401

A letter?
Beatrice got up and looked around, but there wasn’t a sign of Mask anywhere.
‘Brother Mask!’
She mumbled to herself, feeling lost and defeated. Her mind was still stuck on the
scene of Mask saving her for the second time. When she remembered how she had
acted then, she felt a burst of shame shooting through her. Thinking about how he had
slapped her, the memory was sweet rather than painful. It didn’t hurt at all, but instead,
she felt love.
She clutched her heart, feeling restless from the burst of emotions, and her ears felt hot.
Looking down at the letter, there was only the word ‘Beatrice’ on the front. She blushed
even harder, and her heart beat faster.
‘He actually knows my name!’
‘Could it be that he already noticed me a long time ago? It can’t be… A love letter inside
this, right?’
The more she thought about it, the more she jumped for joy. Her hands trembled, and
she was so close to screaming.
Even though she had just been deceived and betrayed by her best friend, she didn’t
bother to think about it because to her, right now, the most crucial thing in the world was
Cough, cough!
Alex chose this moment to walk out. He had already changed his clothes, discarding the
mask and carrying a big bag in his hands. Inside the bag, it was filled with women’s
It had been given to him by Leanne previously. Obviously, the real recipient was meant
to be his wife, Dorothy.
“It’s so late. What are you doing in the yard? Huh?
Even your clothes are torn, and
you’re holding a letter? What’s that, a love letter?” Alex purposely exclaimed in surprise.
Beatrice’s expression changed immediately when she caught sight of Alex. She snorted
coldly. “What are you doing at my house in the middle of the night?”
“It’s not like I’m not here for you… Is it really a love letter? Come on, let’s have a look. I
can be your reference.”
Beatrice hurriedly hid the letter behind her back, giving him one last snort before
scurrying back into the house.
She wanted to open the letter immediately. She couldn’t wait to see what Mask had
written to her.
Alex found it amusing and shook his head, heading in to look for Dorothy. When he
walked in, he took note that Claire wasn’t around. That was great! He went straight to
his wife’s room.
In the next room, Beatrice opened the envelope. She read it eagerly. There were only a
few words on it, and the moment she
read it, she suddenly burst into tears.
This wasn’t a love letter at all. The words were…
Miss Ass*x, seeing a person’s handwriting is as good as meeting face to face.
I was surprised when I learned of the reason for this matter. I saved your life twice, but it
didn’t have any special meaning behind it It just so happened that I was there at the
right time. I’m already married, and I have a sweet wife by my side, and my family is
beautiful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Lastly, I would like to offer a little piece of advice.
If you can’t let go of the wrong person, then you will never find the right person!
Live life well, and be kind to your family. I hope that you will grow up to be a person with
both good morale and of good use to society. That would be the best repayment for me.
Good luck, and don’t do any more foolish things.
This letter was of course written by Alex. Plus, the handwriting had been deliberately
He had given it a lot of thought, as it was to prevent her from meeting him
while she was still awake and of a clear mind. It was possible that she would recognize
him, and this was the safest way to go about things.
Alex could hear her sobbing from next door, and he sighed lightly, shaking his head.
This strange feeling really was an unprecedented one.


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