The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 402

But soon, all his thoughts quieldy fell on his wife, Dorothy.
She wore a pair of black pajamas with garters, and the hemline was extremely low. Her
long legs were half curled up as she leaned against the bed, reading a book. Her legs
alone made Alex unable to divert his eyes. How could he have the time to think about
“My wife, are you reading? Aren’t you tired? Come, let me give you a massage.” Alex
walked over immediately, gently leaning a hand on her leg.
Dorothy placed a leg on Alex and said, “Where’s the washboard?”
Alex grabbed her ankle and replied, “Where would I find a washboard? Who even uses
it nowadays? Oh, but I’ve some clothes for you. Have a look and see if you like them.”
“Clothes? Hmph, is this some guilty conscience of yours? Speak up, what’s going on?”
Alex chuckled, then sat down on the edge of the bed. He grabbed her foot and placed it
on his lap, squeezing it gently as he said, “What did your sister say to you?”
Dorothy was basking in the comfort of the massage and stopped kicking him. “Why do
you care what she said? Tell me what you have to say.”
“Alright. If I said that Cheryl asked me over to treat a neurologist from Switzerland,
would you believe me?”
Dorothy gently shifted her tender white foot on his face and said, “I think you’d need to
see a neurologist instead. Since when have you been able to give treatments?”
“I know the essence of acupuncture, ” Alex replied.
“You know acupuncture?”
“Yes, I was self taught, which I learned while my mother was in the hospital. Don’t you
think my massage technique feels really good? There isn’t any other massage
technique in California that will be able to beat mine. Cheryl’s grandfather even wanted
to worship me as his teacher!”
“Get out! California’s legendary doctor wants to worship you as a teacher? Then why
don’t you just say you’re also going up to heaven at the same time? Tell me the truth.
Otherwise… You won’t have a bed to sleep in tonight.”
Alex quickly glanced at the bed, feeling shaken, and hurriedly said, “Alright. Cheryl
knows Zendaya, so I got in contact with Zendaya through her to make some
arrangements. I wanted her to endorse the product my mother is making.”
He couldn’t help but praise his quick wits for so spontaneously coming up with such an
The moment he said it out loud, he couldn’t help but remain stunned for a while and
thought, ‘That’s actually a feasible idea. I’ll have to discuss it with Mom to see if it’s
necessary for us to do this.’
Dorothy frowned. “Have Zendaya’s endorsement? She’s a top tier celebrity. She won’t
be cheap. I heard that even some beverage company offered her a hundred million
endorsement fee the last time, but still, she turned it down.”
Alex smiled. “The legendary doctor Coney has saved Zendaya’s life once. With Cheryl
coming forward, the cost will be considerably lowered.”
The moment Dorothy heard that she became jealous once again. But she couldn’t be of
any help in this matter.
If Zendaya really did agree, then it was indeed the best choice.
Could she force Alex into rejecting Cheryl’s help and losing Zendayan’s endorsement?
The first person who would come after her at that time would then be her mother-in-law,
“Sigh.” She sighed loudly, feeling inexplicably heartbroken.
She then paused, as though she had made up her mind and said, “Go and take a bath,
then come and sleep once you’re done.”
How shameless could Cheryl be, eyeing someone else’s husband so closely as though
she was ready to dig in anytime? If she didn’t make her move soon, she could be the
one picked off.
As for whatever agreement she had with her mother, Claire, who cares about that?
Alex was delighted and immediately rushed into the bathroom. The moment he entered,
he saw a set of clothes already prepared, hung on the shelf, which made him feel even
more emotional.
He showered as quickly and efficiently as he could. Wrapping a towel around himself,
Alex walked out of the bathroom.
Now that he had successfully established his foundation and had sophisticated martial
arts skills, his body was extremely well proportioned and had defined lines. He even had
s*xy V-line abs.
Dorothy, who had been reading a book, blushed after stealing a glance at him.
Her heart skipped a beat, and her breath quickened. Even her eyes could not avert. She
hadn’t even noticed her own husband’s body. Since when did his figure become this
No wonder Cheryl was so shameless, sticking to him with such a thick face.
“Turn off the lights,” Dorothy mumbled in a low voice. Her heart thumped fiercely in her


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