The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 404

An ear-splitting scream pierced through the air.
It turned out that there were a man and woman in the BMW, two people that happened
to be meeting discreetly because they couldn’t contain their emotions. But they ended
up seeing someone jump off the building and smashing into their car, causing them to
yell frantically in shock
Unfortunately for them, this would leave their minds traumatized from now. Every time
they did something, they would recall this scene, and it wouldn’t bring them as much joy
Very quickly, the midnight crowd gathered, and hush whispers could be heard, with
fingers pointing about.
Some quickly made police reports, and some called 911. The one thing that piqued
everyone’s curiosity was that the man who had jumped off the building wasn’t wearing
any clothes.
Half an hour later, the Rockefeller family residence in California received a piece of
After the last farce in the mourning hall, the Rockefeller Group was feeling slightly
The Yowell’s, Thousand Miles Conglomerate, and Waylon Realty, all local
heavyweights, had stood on Brittany and Alex’s side, standing up for them, much to the
shock of many entrepreneurs present. The other businesses that had initial plans to
collaborate with the Rockefeller Group had gradually become more ambiguous,
adopting a wait and see approach instead. They were all afraid of being implicated by
the Rockefellers.
Just then, John furiously shouted at one of the bodyguards, “Are you serious? It’s been
so many days, and you can’t even find where that b*tch Brittany has gone to? Then
what’s the point of having you?”
Brittany had made a bold statement, stating that she would destroy the Rockefeller
Group within three months.
Although he felt a deep sense of contempt in his heart, he absolutely didn’t believe it.
Even with the help of the Yowell family, she wouldn’t be able to defeat the Rockefeller
family in such a short time, not by just relying on commercial power alone.
The Rockefeller Group was not that weak, after all.
However, there was an instinctive fear that John had towards Brittany. It was better to
be safe than sorry, after all.
It was vital to know yourself and the enemy well in order to win every battle.
The bodyguard lowered his head. “No, it’s as though she has disappeared from the face
of the earth. But Alex is still in Maple Villa.”
John said angrily, “From now on, keep an eye on him closely, 24/7! Also, step up on
your efforts to find Brittany’s trail!
She must be planning something in secret, and I don’t
know what’s she even up to now. I know this woman very well. She must be getting
ready to give me a surprise.”
Just at this moment, Noah rushed in with an anxious look on his face. “Something has
happened to Spark.”
John said in an icy tone, “What’s the matter now? That little son of a b*tch, not doing
anything useful all day, and we just fished him out of prison. What has he done now? I
really want to kill him! Only then will I be clean.”
Noah pursed his lips and glared at John. “Spark is dead.”
John’s furious face froze for a second. “What kind of joke are you playing?”
“It’s not a joke. Spark fell from the eighth floor of a building and died. Tony called Olivia
just now, and she almost collapsed.”
Very quickly, with Mariah’s support, Olivia came stumbling in.
“Hubby! Spark, my baby Spark… Baby…”
Soon, a group of people arrived at the morgue and saw Spark’s body.
“Captain Lee, please tell me, how did my son die?!”
John’s eyes were practically ablaze, trying his best to suppress his rage. He only had
one son, one that had died so unexpectedly. He had just sent his father off, and now he
had to send his son off.
“Was it Alex who did it?”
Olivia started yelling at the top of her voice. “It must be him. He must have been the one
to do this! Go and get him. Why are you still hesitating?”
Tony shook his head. “Mr. Rockefeller, Mrs. Rockefeller. My sincerest condolence for
the death of young master Rockefeller. However, according to our post mortem, this
matter had nothing to do with Alex.
Instead, it was a crime of passion.”
“What? Passion? Who was it, who was the one who killed my son?! Which woman was
it?! I’m gonna rip her to pieces! I’ll destroy her entire family!” Olivia screamed loudly in a
John didn’t speak. However, his expression reflected agreement toward Olivia’s words.
Tony pointed to another corpse that was covered with a white cloth. A strange, strained
expression washed all over his face. “That’s him.”
The white cloth was pulled off.
And the body of a man was revealed.
John’s eyes widened, and his face was stunned. “Captain Lee, are you sure that love
was the motive of this murder? Then, where is the woman?”
“There is no woman,” Tony replied with a blank face.


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