The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 405

“There’s no woman? What do you mean?” John bore a surprised look on his face as he
looked toward Tony, his brain seemingly unable to process the words.
“According to the preliminary examination by our forensics just now, Mr. Spark and this
man, Yeferson, just did the deed in the hotel room,” Tony said.
Everyone present fell into dead silence.
Carol and Natalie, who came along with them, nearly burst out laughing. Fortunately,
they managed to suppress it.
“Impossible! This is definitely not true. I know my son. He definitely doesn’t swing that
way, and his orientation has always been the same. I saw it with my own eyes,” John
Tony waved his hand. “I won’t comment on this. I’m just telling you that these are the
results of our investigation.”
Olivia pointed to Yeferson’s body. “You’re saying that this guy is the one who killed my
son? The one who pushed him out the window?”
Tony nodded. “According to the traces left at the scene, that seems to be what
happened in this case. After he pushed the young master down, he committed suicide.
Sigh. Please restrain your grief, everyone, and accept fate.”
Anna and the others from Divine Constabulary came with lots of experience, and they
often came across such cases. It was a trivial thing to set up such a scene and to
ensure that no one would be aware of what really transpired.
Olivia’s leg gave way as she slumped to the ground, wailing loudly.
John pointed at Yeferson, his voice vicious as he said, “Who is he? Who are his other
family members?!”
He wanted to get revenge.
“He’s just a student from California University. We just checked and found that he’s an
orphan,” Tony replied.
Mona Weiss didn’t come from a family of a wealthy background.
Her parents were ordinary wage earners, and a month with a monthly salary of only
about ten thousand dollars, her allowance was also, needless to say, limited.
Now that she had an extra of five hundred thousand, she was prepared to buy the bag
that she had been eyeing for a very long time.
At that moment, a call suddenly came in. It was Harry, whom she had dinner with.
She smiled as she picked up the call. “Are you having trouble sleeping, Harry? It can’t
be that you’re too excited, right?”
Harry didn’t sound excited at all. Instead, he sounded like he was going to burst into
tears any second.
“Mona, something has happened. Something huge has happened. I
knew it. I knew that something big would happen. We’re finished at this rate.”
Mona’s heart jumped up to her throat.” Is Beatrice dead?”
In her heart, she thought, ‘Could it be that Beatrice couldn’t withstand the humiliation
and chose to commit suicide by jumping out the building?’
“It’s not Beatrice. It’s Spark. He jumped down from the building and died on the spot.
Yeferson is also dead.”
Mona jumped up. She could feel her soul almost leaving her body from the shock.
The most important lead in Beatrice’s case was her.
Spark’s bodyguard had approached her and asked for her help in dealing with Beatrice.
In addition to the five hundred thousand that she had received that day, she was also
supposed to receive an additional one million after the incident.
She had thought of countless possibilities.
The most likely outcome would be that Beatrice would be used as a fling for a bit, and
she wouldn’t dare make it public if she wanted to keep her reputation intact.
She would end up only enduring it silently. Because if it were to happen to Mona, she would also
have done the same.
And now that Spark and Yeferson were dead, things had really blown out of her
Spark Rockefeller was the young director of the Rockefeller Group, and he held a
distinguished status. His death would definitely cause an uproar, and his entire family
would surely use everything at their disposal to dig into the root of the matter.
Mona sunk back onto her bed, her legs feeling like jelly. She asked, “What about
“I don’t know. I don’t dare to call her. I don’t even dare to go home right now. I’m afraid
that there’d be police waiting for me at home if I return,” Harry said.
Just then, Mona heard the police siren below.
Her face instantly darkened, and she scurried to the window, peeking out.
Thankfully, it was just passing by and not looking for her.
“Where are you now, Harry? Let’s meet up and talk, and sort out our thoughts to make
sure our stories align.”
The two quickly agreed to meet up in a small forest where there would be no one during
the night.
If it we re on a normal basis, Mona wouldn’t have dared to meet a man in that kind of
place in the middle of the night, but the situation at hand was unprecedented, and that
was the least of her worry at the moment.
The two met up twenty minutes later.
Before they could say much, a few masked men suddenly rushed out, knocking them
out and shoving them into sacks, stealthily carrying them away.
Just as Alex returned to Maple Villa, he received a call from Azure


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