The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 406

“Mr. Rockefeller, we got them both. Do you want to take it from here?”
The culprits in question were Mona Weiss and Harry Trump.110
Alex Rockefeller had asked Azure Storm to handle the matter earlier.
For Beatrice Ass*x to be removed from the incident, both Mona and Harry’s identity
could not be revealed.
They were involved in framing Beatrice, however, and for that,
they had to face the consequences. It was perfect for Azure to teach them a lesson.
“No, I do not want to see them.”
“Since the woman likes to prostitute girls out, why don’t we let her taste her own
medicine?” Alex said calmly.
“I know what to do,” Azure replied.
A single sentence decided the fate of these two people. If only they heeded the saying
of ‘reap what you sow’. Alex believed Azure would do a good job.
He looked up at the gloomy sky. Not the moon or a single star could be seen, a sign of
impending rain. Upon entering the house, he heard Michelle Yowell’s yells. “Alex, is that
Alex rushed into the room and saw her lying on the bed with a strange expression on
her face.
“What happened? Are you feeling cold?”
“No, that’s not it. Could you get me a sanitary pad from the store? It leaking.”
The muffled crackle of thunder could be heard as raindrops started trickling down on the
ground with a pattering. Alex cursed silently. Why didn’t she give him a call earlier? Now
he had to make a run for the convenience store in the rainstorm.
The night passed without much incident. For most, it was one of many ordinary nights.
For some, though, it was only the beginning of their suffering.
The Rockefeller Group once again saw themselves on the headline of the news the next
Spark Rockefeller was under the spotlight this time. According to leaked news, Spark
and his boyfriend had a dispute after spending some intimate time together. Spark was
pushed off the eighth floor and died on the spot. While his boyfriend, a hunky guy, killed
himself with poison.
“Spark is dead?! And he was gay?”
Back at Ass*x Villa, Claire Ass*x let out a surprised yelp as she saw the news on
television. Painting her toe, she accidentally smudged some of the nail polish on her
Only recently, she had actually wanted Dorothy to marry Spark
“Oh my gosh! Thank the heavens I did not have Dorothy marry Spark! Otherwise…”
She kept patting her chest, trying to calm herself down while Beatrice opened her eyes
wide in disbelief. “Yeferson is dead too!”
“What about Mona and Harry?”
Beatrice knew better. Thinking back, it was obvious that she was deceived by them last
night, and Mona was definitely involved. She did not dare tell her mother and sister
about what happened. Instead, she ran into her room and called Mona.
The phone was off. Harry’s phone was the same!
“Did you do it, Mask?”
“You took revenge for me?”
“I know you have a wife, and I promised not to disturb your life, but I have the right to
keep loving you!”
Hailey Lawson went to Alex hastily for help. “Alex, Alex! You need to come to the beauty
salon, quick!”


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