The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 407

Immediately, Alex was dragged away by an anxious Hailey Lawson.
She was on her phone the entire time. “Hang in there, Cathay! Yes, yes, I understand!
Don’t worry, my girl, I will compensate you with a hundred million dollars for each slap
you receive. If she smacks you ten times, that’s a thousand million dollars! You trust me,
don’t you?”
“Yes, yes! Whatever you do, just hang in there! The doctor is coming with me. We will
be there soon!”
Alex found it amusing but realized that something terrible must have happened to
Hailey’s beauty salon. They quickly got into the car as Hailey slammed her foot on the
throttle. The car sped away and almost crashed into a little garden amongst the
“Should I drive, Hailey?”
Alex swapped seats with Hailey and took the opportunity to find out more details on the
incident. After instructing Alex where to go, she explained, “Something happened to one
of my exclusive customers in the beauty salon.
A rash broke out after using our new
product. She got into a rage, slapping my employees and threatening to close down my
“That’s quite intimidating.” Alex raised his brows.
Hailey smiled bitterly. “Unfortunately, she has the means to do it.”
“What do you mean?” Alex was surprised.
Charles Carter’s Waylon Realty was one of California’s biggest enterprises, and as his
wife, Hailey had access to plenty of capital to build her salon. It was one of the best
salons in the state, if not the best, a place of prominence and exclusivity.
Only someone of immense caliber had the means to shut her business down.
“Who is she?”
“I don’t think you have heard of her name. She’s Betty Dawson, a prominent socialite in
the circle of upper-class ladies and a member of the Summers family.”
At that moment, Alex understood why Hailey was so distressed, why she even promised
to compensate her employees so handsomely.
Among the four great California families, the Summers’ ranked first, while the Yowell
family came in last. Positioned in between them were the Colemans and the
The Summers’ patriarch was once a prominent politician and still wielded much
influence, although now retired. And his eldest son was currently California’s governor.
It came as no surprise that the daughter-in-law of such an influential family could single
handedly destroy a beauty salon with just words.
“This is a life or death situation, Alex. And my life, no, the lives of my family are all in
your hands!” Hailey was so distressed she began babbling.
Grabbing onto Alex’s
shoulder, she said, “If you straighten out the issue, I will do whatever you say!”
Alex’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to look at her. Recollections of the time when
he cleansed her body of the aphrodisiac came rushing into his mind. Coincidentally, it
happened in this very car they were currently in too.
“I will do my best, don’t worry,” Alex said. After a brief pause, he continued, “Oh, before I
forget, has your father-in-law been harassing you lately?”
Hailey blushed and rolled her eyes. “Why do you have to talk about this? No, we cannot
do it anymore! I cannot betray Charles’ love!”
Alex’s expression froze. It was a misunderstanding!
“Oh no, no! You have it all wrong! I was just concerned about you. Also, he might not
have intended to do such a thing that day. Something evil influenced his actions, just
like how you used to have really nasty dreams.”
“What?! Are you taking his side now?” Hailey could not help feeling angry at the very
mention of Zack Carter. “Fine, I will keep my mouth shut.” It wasn’t something he
wanted to know about anyway.
He drove very fast, urged by Hailey. Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the entrance
to the beauty salon.
It was Alex’s first Visit, and he was immediately taken aback by the salon’s exterior and
e architecture. It had been designed in a Gothic style and was as beautiful as one could
imagine, reminding its visitors of a private, pristine garden.
However, Hailey wasn’t in the mood to bring Alex around for a tour. She hastily entered
the salon. Her employees were already waiting for her by the doors


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