The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 408

A demure, attractive young lady immediately approached Hailey Lawson when she
entered. She had a red slap mark on her cheek as she greeted Hailey with tears in her
“Miss Lawson!”
“How are things?” Hailey did not have the energy to concern herself with the slap mark
on her employee’s face.
“The Phoenix Hall is almost thrashed. Ms. Cathay is down on her knees too!”
Hailey grimaced and quickly went toward the direction of Phoenix Hall. Even before she
arrived at the entrance, sounds of people yelling and things breaking could be heard.
“Where is Hailey Lawson? Where is she?!”
“Three minutes! If she is not here by then, I will make sure this place closes down
Hailey broke into a bitter grin and hastened her footsteps.
The once grandiose and majestic Phoenix Hall was reduced to rubbles, with the
expensive emerald phoenix statue by the entrance suffering heavy damage as well,
considering how it had lost its head.
“I’m here, Madam Dawson!”
Hailey carried herself meekly around but was shocked to see Betty Dawson’s condition.
Betty was already a plump woman whose weight matched her equally lanky 165
meters. She was wrapped in a white towel around her body and on her head. It seemed
like she just got out of the shower.
Her swollen face was a sight to behold, and with the rashes all over her body, it was a
frightening sight and must have horrified her to no end.
Betty immediately slapped Hailey across her face. “Finally, you’ve come. I thought you
disappeared. What the heck did you use on me? Is it even safe for human use? How
am I going to meet people now, huh? Nothing could possibly compensate for my loss!”
Hailey could only force a smile and apologize even though she was slapped.
Alex entered at that moment and immediately saw a group of people kneeling on the
floor. Next to Betty stood an emotionless and silent lady, obviously her bodyguard.
“I am so sorry, Madam Dawson! Please do not worry. We will take responsibility for the
mistakes of Belle Blossom!”
“Take responsibility? Are you sure?” Betty raised her hand again.
Alex quickly stopped her by grabbing her hand and said, “Please calm down, Mrs.
Summers, we can always talk this out.”
Alex’s sudden actions surprised everyone in the room while the bodyguard tensed up. A
blast of energy emanated from her body, revealing her rank to be Advanced-Royal.
Alex was astonished to learn of the Summers family’s depth and capabilities.
Betty was only one of the many in-laws of the family but had been placed under the
protection of an Advanced-Royal bodyguard. What about the wife of the heir? Or the
head of the family? Or the governor himself?
Interrupted by Alex, Betty was startled.
“Outrageous! Who are you?”
“Is he your bodyguard, Hailey Lawson? I think you don’t want your salon anymore,
letting a man witness my outburst. Take him out, Faye!”
The female bodyguard named Faye punched Alex, landing a heavy blow on his
His Chi reverberated as he stood unfazed.
Faye stumbled a few steps back and looked at him in disbelief.


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