The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 409

Faye regained her balance after stumbling five steps backward.
On the contrary, Alex Rockefeller stood as steadfast as ever with his hand still grabbing
onto Betty Dawson’s arm.
Her husband was a fighter himself, and she knew a thing or two about them. Shock
quickly turned into anger.
Shaking her arm free from Alex’s grip, Betty glared at Hailey Lawson. “So this is what
you are up to, Hailey Lawson! Where did you get the dumb courage to defy the
Summers family? I promise you, Hailey Lawson. You are done for, and that goes the
same for your husband’s company!”
Hailey was on the verge of crying. “This is not how it is, Madam Dawson!”
“Why are you so angry, Mrs. Summers? Can’t you speak like a civilized person?
Do you
want me to teach you the way?” Alex stared at Betty.
“What?!” Betty’s chest heaved in anger as the towel wrapped around her body started
loosening all of a sudden.
She grabbed it before it could fall and furiously exclaimed, “Who gave you permission to
speak, fool! One word and your lifeless body will be on the streets tomorrow!”
“Are you sure?” Alex snickered and shook his head. Initially, he came to help Hailey
treat her customer, but he had a change of heart.
This woman right here was being extremely unreasonable and obnoxious, thinking that
she could do whatever she wanted just because she was the Summers family’s
Seeing the situation turning for the worse, Hailey quickly stopped Alex and whispered in
a low voice, “Alex, please control your temper. We don’t want any escalation!”
Alex shook his head. “This has nothing to do with your beauty salon, Hailey. This
woman right here is being unreasonable and irrational. So what about the Summers
family? I don’t care who comes here, I will give them a piece of my mind. Don’t worry.
I’m responsible for whatever happens!”
“Unreasonable? Can’t you see the state I’m in?”
“Yes, I see it. You are an ugly woman who looks even worse right now. But it has
nothing to do with the salon. It was your fault,” Alex replied coldly.
Indeed, a shocking remark.
This was particularly true for Hailey, who did not know what to think. She instantly
regretted a little, asking Alex for help. This was not what she expected!
“Damn it!”
Betty was enraged and immediately sent her hand flying across Alex’s face.
Alex grabbed her hand and slapped her instead.
“How dare you hit me!”
Betty was taken completely by surprise. Ever since her marriage into the Summers
family, her status had skyrocketed, and everyone treated her with the utmost respect
and reverence. Nobody would ever hit her!
“Oh, not just that, I can kill you if I want to,” said Alex.
Betty exploded in a fury and shouted at Faye. “Take him down, Faye! What are you
waiting for?! Can’t you see I was hit?”
Alex slapped her again as her already swollen face swelled up even further.
She jumped and screamed, making a whole fracas out of it.
Faye had no choice but to approach Alex.
He shook his head, saying, “I wouldn’t do it if I were you.”
Of course, she knew just how weak she was in Alex’s face. This young man right here
was at least a Mystic-level fighter!
“Unfortunately, this is my job. I have to do it.” Swiftly, she lunged at Alex.


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