The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 41

Alex had just left Ganoderma, walking at a slow pace.
He thought, ‘Mom will be discharged in two days, but we lost our property. Plus, I was kicked out by Claire, so we won’t have a place to stay. Buying a property is my priority now.’
But he also knew that his father had hidden Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s existence from his mother. He had heard this from Lex himself.
‘Should I tell her?’ He thought.
He wouldn’t be able to use any of his funds if he didn’t give her a proper explanation.
He decided to keep it a secret for now.
Thousand Miles Conglomerate was involved with underworld work, so most people would view them as mafias or thugs. This could be the reason his father had hidden the conglomerate from his mother.
It wouldn’t be wise to reveal the truth to her right now.
‘Then… I’ll just get a small apartment. I’ll tell her the money came from my savings.’
It was decided.
Just as Alex was about to call a cab to go back to the hospital, Cheryl yelled out to him from behind, “Alex, Alex! Why are you in such a rush? God!”
Cheryl was jogging over to him.
Alex turned around and he could feel his eyes widen.
As she jogged, Cheryl’s chest was bouncing everywhere, as if it was about to bounce out. It was quite the sight.
“Ahem. Hey, Dr. Coney. Why did you come after me? Did something else happen? Is the little girl alright?”
“No, she’s fine. Grandpa just wanted me to treat you to a meal.”
“Your grandpa? What about you?”
“Take a guess.”
Alex smiled. Cheryl was exceptionally beautiful at this moment—drop-dead gorgeous. Alex couldn’t help but be reminded of the intimate moment they had in the elevator a few days ago.
Cheryl felt slightly embarrassed by his stare. Her cheeks flushed as she pointed towards her left. “I know a restaurant over there. It serves some pretty good stuff. Why don’t we eat there?”
Alex replied, “I don’t mind.”
Cheryl exclaimed. “Let’s go, then! It’s just behind this alleyway.”
The two then walked into the alleyway.
Just then, a group of five blocked their way. They were armed with bats like they were thugs.
Cheryl grabbed Alex’s hand in panic. She whispered, “Are they here for us?”
Alex’s heart dropped as well.
He did inherit his ancestor’s medical martial arts skills and learned the Force as well. According to his ancestor, he would be quite the fighter now. However, he had never used any of this in an actual fight so he wasn’t quite sure if it would work.
He took Cheryl’s hand and turned around, preparing to make a run for it.
However, another four men showed up behind him. They were in the same clothes, holding the same bats.
It was blatantly obvious that these men were here to get them.
“What do we do now? Oh god,” Cheryl said as she trembled in fear.
Chi was coursing through his entire body, flowing through his muscles and bones. That thunder-like feeling filled him with limitless energy. He stood in front of Cheryl. “Don’t be scared, I’ll protect you.”
“You can’t even protect yourself. Dream on!” The guy laughed as he eyed Cheryl up and down. The teen leader had a scar on his face. His face was twisted horrifically.
Seeing her beautiful features and curvy body, he couldn’t help but want to make advances on her.
“I didn’t expect such a beauty to be my reward. This woman is mine!”
“Bro, don’t just keep her to yourself! Sharing is caring!”
“Hah! After I’m done with her, I’ll hand her to you guys!”
The color drained from Cheryl’s face as she felt increasingly frustrated and panicky.
Alex’s gaze was cold. “What do you want?”
Scarface laughed. “We want to screw you up! You’re pretty expensive, you little brat. Someone gave us a total of two million to have both your legs broken. They want you to slap yourself a hundred times too. Come on, if you know what’s best for you, get on your knees and slap away! Give us a good show, won’t you? If you give us no choice but to do it ourselves, it wouldn’t just cost you your legs.”
“Mark, get your phone out and start recording!”


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