The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 410

Alex Rockefeller was quicker, instantly putting Faye to sleep with a blow to her neck.
“Faye! Faye!”
Betty Dawson cried out in surprise, not expecting her bodyguard to be so useless.
Dialing a number on her phone, she cried, “Someone hit me and knocked Faye out,
darling! Come quick. I am at Belle Blossom!”
She then said to Alex after ending the call, “You are not going anywhere!”
“Relax, I will be here waiting. Why don’t you bring your husband’s eldest brother along
I don’t want to do this a second time,” said Alex.
“You’re crazy!” Betty roared. Deep down inside, however, she was feeling a little
Alex seemed too calm, and with such extraordinary powers, he was definitely not an
ordinary character, Betty thought to herself.
Yet, he was so young. What did he do to deserve this?
She quickly calmed herself down and went to put on her clothes in the changing room.
Hailey Lawson looked mortified as she realized the storm that was coming. It wasn’t
something Waylon Realty nor her tiny beauty salon could weather.
“Who is this guy, Miss Lawson? Does he know what he is doing?”
“Why is he trying so hard to provoke the Summers family? He is not here to help, but to
bring us all to ruin!”
The ladies in the salon trembled in fear and began whispering to Hailey.
Hailey became agitated and wanted to give Alex a piece of her mind. She was,
however, promptly reminded of the times he rescued her, thus decided to stay silent for
Alex noticed her worried expression. “Relax, Hailey. I will take responsibility if anything
happens,” he said.
Hailey forced a smile at him as her employees voiced out. “Who are you to take
“Have you heard of the Summers family? I think you are trying to bring harm to Miss
“So what if you can fight? Can you defeat guns and bullets?”
Alex ignored the many criticisms hurled along his way.
Soon enough, a ruckus could be heard from the entrance of the beauty salon. There
was a flurry of footsteps, the squealing of the ladies in the salon and a man’s thundering
roar. “Where is my wife? You are all going to face the music for hitting my wife!”
Betty’s husband, Ted Summers, had brought his people along.
Hailey shivered. Her employees were frightened and felt weak in the knees.
Hearing the noise, Betty smirked at Alex. “My husband has arrived. Let us see how
outrageous you can get. If you ever walk out of this hall unharmed, I will tell everyone
that you’re my sugar daddy!”
Alex chuckled. “It’s a deal then. If nothing happens to me, you will get down on your
knees and call me daddy!”
“Hmph! ” Betty rushed to her husband with tears streaming down her face. “Look at how
he hit me, darling! I want you to break his limbs!” she wailed bitterly.
Seeing the pathetic state his wife was in, Ted was furious and charged toward Alex. His
eyes widened suddenly, and he dropped on his knees.


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