The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 411

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 411
Ted Summers was in a full-blown rage, desperately wanting to punish the culprits behind his wife’s mishap.
Nobody expected him to kneel down in front of Alex Rockefeller suddenly.
It was a shocking turn of events!
Betty Dawson’s eyes opened wide in disbelief while Hailey Lawson covered her mouth and let out a loud gasp. The rest of the people looked on in bewilderment.
Even Alex Rockefeller was taken aback by surprise.
He had no idea who Ted was. “Who are you? Is this how you greet people?”
Ted got onto his feet hastily and smiled. “It’s all a misunderstanding, Mr. Rockefeller!”
He never intended to kneel down, but his legs gave way out of surprise.
After all, Ted was also a free agent of the Divine Constabulary. He had previously witnessed Alex sending a hunk named Steel Tower flying with just one punch at Serenity Villa.
Two days ago, he heard from Sky Melvis that this very young man killed Scott Pattingson of Alaska’s Pattingson family. The Pattingsons were enraged and began plotting to avenge Scott’s death.
Even with that, Sky was adamant that they defended and covered Alex. That meant the Pattingsons could not match up to Alex’s importance.
As for the Summers family, they were nowhere near equal to the Pattingsons, so how could he, Ted Summers, get on his wrong side?


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