The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 412

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 412
Betty Dawson immediately shouted, “Nonsense! This crappy beauty salon is to be blamed for my swellings!”
Once again, Ted Summers slapped her across the face. “Shut your mouth!
If Mr. Rockefeller said it is an allergic reaction, then an allergic reaction it is! If you talk any more nonsense, I will hit you until you lose your teeth!”
Shaking his head, Alex said, “If your swellings were from the products used by the beauty salon, you wouldn’t be suffering this much since the inflammation would be localized. I think you’re allergic to seafood. Did you eat any of those before coming here? Lobsters, crabs, fish, shrimps…
Didn’t your doctor tell you that you are severely allergic to seafood?”
In an attempt to refute Alex’s assessment, Betty vehemently denied that she had consumed any seafood before coming here.
Alex poked his finger on her stomach.
Instinctively, Betty opened her mouth wide and started throwing up. The vomit was extremely disgusting and reeked of seafood, with pieces of raw fish still visible.
The crowd covered their mouths and looked at Betty in repulsion.
“How dare you frame Mr. Rockefeller’s godsister? Are you tired of living?”
Ted served his wife another beating.


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