The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 413

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 413
Andrew never had plans to return to Switzerland. He was still in ecstasy over Alex Rockefeller’s treatment and subsequent cure of his chronic pancreatitis.
After a series of tests, the results were surprising, to say the least. He had been completely cured, with all numbers returning to their normal levels.
It was astonishing news for an experienced professional in the medical field, one that was also the brain behind several critical breakthroughs.
As a professional, he understood the difficulty that came with. achieving such feats.
Before this, he did not believe in the existence of such a wonderful branch of healing. Until Alex showed him the way, that was.
He was just thinking of a way to express his gratitude to Alex when he called.
“My dear Rockefeller, who did you hear it from? I am not going home… Oh! I remember now! There is this despicable lady, one of the most unreasonable and obnoxious women I have ever met I think she is the daughter-in-law of California’s Summers family? Anyway, she hit my assistant and demanded that I perform surgery on the old man.
Gosh, if it wasn’t the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard!”
Andrew complained over the phone. It was all cleared up.
The woman in question was Betty Dawson. She had arrogantly gone to Main Hospital with and beat up the staff, the reason why Andrew refused to perform the operation and lied to the Summers family, saying that he was returning to Switzerland.
Ted Summers was almost a Mystic-level fighter and could listen to the conversation with ease. He was infuriated when he found out that his wife was the reason Andrew refused the surgery. With the Summers family’s influence and power, it was puzzling that they would fail to secure a foreign doctor’s services.


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