The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 414

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 414
“I consider myself a good masseuse, Mr. Rockefeller. Won’t you give me a chance to show my skills?”
“I want to scrub him clean in the bath…”
Immediately the ladies crowded around Alex Rockefeller. Some even started touching him.
Alex was shocked. No matter how powerful he was, there was no way he could resist the incessant seduction from these ladies.
Fortunately, Hailey Lawson promptly came to his rescue.
“Okay, okay, hold yourselves, my girls. He has a wife already, sorry!”
Hailey led Alex into her office and breathed a sigh of relief after shutting the door. “I owe you so much, Alex. Thank you for today! Here, this check is for you.”
Alex eyed her office before replying, “No way. This is the Summers family’s compensation for the damage done to your beauty salon. Why should I take it instead? Moreover, I do not require money.”
“Well, your mother needs it! Destroying the Rockefeller Group in three months is no easy feat, and she needs all the money she can get. Without you, I would not have gotten this check, and worse still, my beauty salon was moments away from shutting down.
You deserve it.”
“No, I have enough money. Keep this for yourself!”


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